A Tutu By Any other Name is Definitely Not A Tutu (Grandma)

It’s Friday. So I must be at the museum. When I open the door to the atrium to enter what is usually an empty area, I am surprised by a room full of people. Blocking the door on the other side of the room is Emily, a docent my age, holding a beautiful little baby. Cameras are flashing, and the room is abuzz as she stands for this photo opp.

Hmmm, what is going on I’m thinking as I try to figure out how I’m going to go through this swarm of people. From across the room on the other side near the other entrance are some of the employees I work with. They are dressed ready to do a special performance for the honoree. One of them frantically waves me towards her signalling me to go through the entrance in back of them.

Quickly I snake my way through and pass her and then as I pass the other employee behind her he whispers to me “Bishop Tutu.”I nod and go past  quickly. As I enter the hall I’m perplexed. “Are they designating Emily the Tutu (Grandmother) of Bishop Museum?” She volunteers as a docent she serves on boards and is always available for anything they need her for. And she is a grandmother. So why not?

Getting to the front of the hall I see another employee, Bill, standing out front re-routing people and asking them to please understand that for about 10 more minutes the back atrium is blocked and the museum will then once again be open.

Wow, all this to name someone Tutu of the museum? “Why are you re-routing everyone, why aren’t we (all the docents) allowed back there? What’s the big deal about a tutu? Just then one of the more senior people of the museum came by and said, “Did you get to see Desmond Tutu?

“Desmond Tutu?” Where is he? I saw Emily getting her photo taken but didn’t know he was here. So I was taken to the back where all the upper echelon of the museum milled around, and there sat Desmond Tutu. What a trill to actually see the man. It was more exciting to me then the time I gave Senator Inouye a tour of the museum.

Desmond Tutu served 6 years as Chair for an organization known as the “Elders”, a group formed to use their  influence to support peace building. He was here to take part in a series of ongoing visits for the “Pillars of Peace Hawaii,” a Hawaiian organization  formed to inspire people to compassion, cultivate justice and diversity in our society.

Along with Desmond Tutu at the museum was Gro Harlem Brundtland. She was the first woman Prime Minister of Norway and serves as Deputy Chair of The Elders. Also attending was Hina Jilani a renowned lawyer and pro-democracy campaigner. She is a leading activist in Pakistan’s women’s movement. She has dedicated her life to fight for human rights around the world.

And as for the “Bishop Tutu?” Well it certainly wasn’t Emily though it was her grandson who Desmond Tutu was enthralled with. Hence the Kodak moments. But Bishop Tutu it was. He was the Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize  in 1984 for his work in the struggle against apartheid.


Desmond Tutu. I am not sure if the woman behind him was one of his daughters.

Well you know I wasn’t exactly introduced to him.

ImageSeated to the right of Desmond Tutu are, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Hina Jilani

And no I am not in the photo but just as happy to be able to have taken it.



Even thought this is for my knitting blog I thought you folks would enjoy reading it too.




P1000118It is Kyal’s First Birthday.  We all celebrate his day with much joy. It seems just yesterday he was brought home from the Marshal islands by his adoptive family.

We celebrated his day on the beach with our knitting group. The party was held at the beach  on Hickam Air Force base.


In Hawaii its a sad fact that most of the nicest beaches are located on military land. Land the was supposed to be temporarily used during WW II somehow turned out to be permanent. Ah but I digress.

I thought I would share some of the day with those who have not knitted in Hawaii. For those who have not been on this base you will find it is quite interesting. There are still building that have bullet holes in the walls from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

P1000167I love this old terminal building. I am not sure if it is still being used for its original purpose and stopping and looking around on a base is sort of frowned upon so I just took the photo and settled for that.


I didn’t stop to check out the information in front of this plane but still it is so beautiful and well worth having the photo. Is that where the gunner would sit up in the very front of the plane?

And back to the beach party.


It was fascinating to stand on the beach and watch these air craft land so closely. It was like beauty and the beast.

P1000125 Kyal is celebrating in a bit of the Marshal Island way. It is an open adoption and the adoptive parents are wonderful at making sure he will know his culture and in keeping contact with his birth mother

.Kyal’s new mother knitted these leis. It is tradition in the islands where he was born to put one on the baby and then whisper in his ear all the good wishes for him.

It was my turn and I was worried he would cry when he saw me. It does look like he is about to but actually he gave me a big smile and I just hugged him because he is just adorable. We in our knitting group all adore him. Have I said that already?

P1000163And what’s a birthday without cake?


Kim could not resist the crown and wand that Lisa had crocheted for Kyal. She has always wanted to be a princess.

Hmmm, who wears it better?


Princess Kim knitting her magic


And where there is Kim there is Lisa they are almost knitted together.

And so a wonderful day was had by all. And because we live in Hawaii we are fortunate to be able to gather together and knit anywhere in this perfect weather. Yes we can knit here, we can knit there, we can knit most anywhere.


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P1000118It is Kyal’s First Birthday.  We all celebrate his day with much joy. It seems just yesterday he was brought home from the Marshal islands by his adoptive family.

We celebrated his day on the beach with our knitting group. The party was held at the beach  on Hickam Air Force base.


In Hawaii its a sad fact that most of the nicest beaches are located on military land. Land the was supposed to be temporarily used during WW II somehow turned out to be permanent. Ah but I digress.

I thought I would share some of the day with those who have not knitted in Hawaii. For those who have not been on this base you will find it is quite interesting. There are still building that have bullet holes in the walls from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

P1000167I love this old terminal building. I am…

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Since messing my knees up years back it seems to get harder to walk the dogs. While cleaning the front yard the dogs looked longingly at me either through the gate or the front screen door.

IMG_1856Cadie sits and watches me through the screen. It breaks my heart when the dogs want to come out.

Well today as I moved furniture and cut plants with Cadie watching me from one door and Max watching from the gate I decided to let them both come in front with me.

Watching Max closely as he likes to sneak away to the park I started to cut one of our over grown trees. Snipping away and clearing under the branches I could see Max resting on the porch taking it easy. The I looked down and saw Cadie sniffing away at all the branches. I quickly shooed her away as she started to eat them.

Finely I finished cutting and started to sweep. I looked over at Cadie and she kind of looked red. When I came closer I noticed her eyes were swollen and her mouth and head were turning scarlet.

IMG_2336She wouldn’t sit up for a photo.

I gave her a couple of Benadryl and the redness went down But now her face is swollen and she looks more like a Sharpe then A boxer.

So her little freedom has been cut short and now we are off to the vets. IMG_2347I’ve long since forgotten the name of the tree but this is what it looks like in case you have one and want to keep your dog away from it.


Food for Thought

I like listening to book reviews. One of my favorites is “Books on the Nightstand” podcast. Lately they have been having discussions about how reading is the same as listening to an audio book.

That can’t be true I thought. Then I started to remind myself of how I tend to think I know everything and shoot my mouth off when in actuality I’m the epitome of “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Well a danger to myself.

Anyway, I decided to look at a few bits of information on reading and listening and ran across this article. It made a lot of sense to me and was very surprising.

In the blog, “Read write Now” the author wrote how reading and listening are two different things. Exactly what I was thinking. But I was thinking, because I’m reading, I would be strengthening my brain and listening to a book would make my mind lazy. Shows you what I know because In the article http://readwritenow.wordpress.com/2008/02/19/reading-listening-and-memory/  it makes a case for how listening to a story or conversation strengthens your memory. Here is an excerpt from the article.

At least this would be the case if the culture that’s developing is one that would put a high premium on listening skills. …………………….. It would be interesting to figure out if people who listen to audiobooks in a regular and devoted fashion show more highly development memory capacity–either short or long term–than those of us who spend more time reading.”

This paragraph hit me right in my docent head. While giving tours of the first floor of the museum I talk about how important it was for the Alii (High Chiefs) to be able to prove their genealogy. The Hawaiians were  an oral culture. Children that displayed good memories were set apart and were taught to develop those memory skills. As adults they could listen to a long and involved chant once and then repeat it verbatim.  With this skill they could quote long genealogies that would prove which line particular chiefs came from when a new chief was born.

I read another article that concluded from an experiment with readers and listeners that “

“Listeners recall more main ideas or do better at main idea questions, while readers recall more details or did better at detail questions.” http://www.press.umich.edu/pdf/9780472034598-myth1.pdf


So what does all this mean to me? Well, I do know my listening skills are bad and I do have a very bad short-term memory. But, I don’t know if this answered my question as to is listening to a book the same as reading it. I do know this though,……

photo… Cadie not only needs a pair of glasses to read but I will now have to get her a pair of earphone too.

Julio Took a Detour Down By the School Yard

Just a quick blog to update everyone. The morning that Hurricane Isselle was supposed to hit I let the dogs out into the yard. I upturned my patio furniture, set out my coffee and a piece of pie and sat down to read. The birds were singing, the sun was shining and I can honestly say everything was alright in my world. It was a non event here on Oahu and I’m very thankful for that.

It wasn’t that good on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii as there was a lot of damage done but no fatalities and Hawaiian Electric has been working hard to get the power back on for a few thousand people who are still left without it. Yes some houses were destroyed but not anything like what we have seen take place with other hurricanes.

I’m happy I was spared the “dog around.” I did not have to put up with all the dogs trying to sleep as close to me as possible. The only sad thing for me during this whole experience is that my nemesis, the bamboo in our yard did not get blown down. I will have to continue to chop it down by hand which is like taking sand off the beach one grain at a time.

I may kid but I’m thankful. I did have a deep down worry but hoped for the best and the best happened for us. I am sorry for those who lost so much but thankful that all lives have been spared.

As for Julio, the following hurricane. I totally forgot about him and thankfully he forgot about all of use. I guess like the song said, Julio is down by the school yard.

The Calm Before The Storm or Time For a Staycation.

It’s like dressing a wet sponge or steam ironing clothes in a pressure cooker. Everything sticks to you and nothing is light enough to wear without making beads of sweat drip into your maschera laden eyelashes. And poor, poor Max with his sheep dog fur has to lay in front of the fan to keep himself cooled down. The humidity is killer before a hurricane.


DSCN1240And Max keeps asking, “Is it a hurricane yet?

For several weeks now I’ve been saying “this feels like hurricane weather” as I pulled clothes away from my body.  Monday I went into the local Longs drugs to buy a tube of lipstick. As we entered the store I said to my friend, “Wow, there must be a great sale going on” as we tried to find a shopping cart to take in with us. Yeah, no I don’t pay attention to the news.

I thought to myself how people always rush down to Longs to take advantage of the sales on Monday after the Sunday paper adds come out.  The only thing I could see that was really on sale was cases of Spam! I don’t need anything here I thought as I wove my way through all the shopping carts and picked up my lipstick.

On my way to the car my friend said to me that it must be the hurricane. Why else would everyone be here? But it’s only supposed to be a tropical storm by the time it hits here. What’s the big deal? I said confidently to her.  And we both got into my car and drove off to the second-hand store to look for finds of great yarn.

Well the news paper boy cometh today and lo and behold TWO hurricanes are on their way to the islands. I’m back in Longs. Calling my daughter “do you want me to pick anything up for emergency? “Oh Ma” don’t worry were going to be fine, it’s only a tropical storm.” I hang up the phone and think, it’s just as well there was nothing on the shelves, well, except the very, very expensive bottled water.

P1000585I’m looking at this mornings paper and think well it’s going right over the Big Island first and if you look closely at the map on this paper you will see Oahu, where I live, is four islands to the left. OK so we are not the main target but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have major rains. I think about the leak in our front room in the ceiling between the first and second floor. When rains hit the North side of the outside wall it leaks in our living room. Oh well, mine is not to reason why etc.

P1000582So I go out in front this morning to take in the weather and I think, is this the calm before the storm? I go into the back yard and start putting all my potted plants where I hope they will be safe. I take down the hammock, take all the cushions off the garden chairs and turn the table upside down next to all the iron chairs that I’ve neatly laid on each other.

I tried to clean up all the leaves that will block the drainage in our yard that floods when it rains hard. I spread them around the other side of the yard to soak up excess water. (I hope) I’m  ready as far as things that could fly around the patio I’m praying. But as I’m sweating and dripping I’m thinking what if nothing happens and then I will have to be putting all of this back together after it is all over. Then I look over the yard and see how nice and clean and roomy it is and I wonder, will anyone notice if I just throw everything away after all is said and done? Nope, can’t go there. Oh well.

The storm is supposed to hit Hawaii (the Big Island) tomorrow night (Thursday) and then head on over to us by Saturday. All I ask is that the winds don’t get too bad here so our electricity does not go out. I’m planning on knitting, sewing and reading.

In other words, It’s a staycation for me.


The sky is bright blue. The birds are singing from morning to sunset and I am surrounded by a blanket of blue to swim in. And yet I’m at home.

Well thanks to my knitting group I made it, yet again, out of my hideaway and to my favorite side of the island, Haleiwa. My neighbor, Linda, had barely parked the car before I was jumping out and fumbling in my purse for my camera.

Oh my god, it was gorgeous out. The sun was starting to set, it was as warm as a sweater and I was ecstatic. Smiling, and rushing to take photos before the color was gone I had forgotten that I wasn’t out here for my own benefit but I was out here to have one last dinner with a member of our knitting group whose husband was being transferred to Texas.

Loss, once again a member of our group is leaving us and taking a piece of our heart. It seems that we just get to really feel comfortable, look forward to talking to and relying upon their knowledge at group, when all of a sudden they are gone.

And so here I am out on the North Shore so happy to be here and so sad to say good-by





Finely we make it into the restaurant. This is our view. What is wrong with me. What am I thinking? Staying home? Looking at this? Staying home? Looking at this. No brainer right? But I must be crazy as I stay home. But I took photos and they make me feel guilty to look at them, yet they may spear me on to do this again.



Here is a few of our knitting group. Lisa, the one who is leaving is sitting on the end with the leis around her neck. I’m sitting next to her, Linda ,my neighbor is next to me and across from us, closest, Kim who is always knitting, Sara and Jennifer. You can see the pink of the sunset is reflecting on our table. The glow is making me feel so good inside.

P1000175On the inside looking out. I must return. I think I can, I think I can

P1000194And as the sun sinks slowly into the sunset

P1000193Everyone rushes to get that one last photo

P1000186To be able to share this with someone would make it even more special. But we say good-day to the sun, thank you for always being there. Our food arrives and we get on to a most enjoyable dinner.P1000192Yes, I must be crazy but not for long. Good night Jameson’s by the sea. I’ll be back to get another dose of sanity.