The leafless winter Plumeria

As I sent Nico off to school with a friend this morning I dragged myself into the house. I kept hearing my son say,”You’ve got to rest mom. Stop trying to do everything. Your almost 70 and I don’t want you getting pneumonia.”

Winter seems to be upon me in more ways than one.

 It was just last month when my daughter and grandson went off to Disneyland for a vacation with siblings and her dad. With my son-in-law constantly at work it was like I had the whole house to myself, well with the exception of four dogs who “dogged”me, for 10 days.

Not having to get up at 5:30 AM to take Nico to school or worry about getting his breakfast ready in time to get him out the door by 7:30 was a vacation enough for me. Who needs Disneyland? I had plans. Ideas to put into action, and best of all time on my hands.

I tore the front yard apart, dragged all of the potted plants to the back, rearranged the back and re-potted plants until I couldn’t stand up anymore. Everyday I worked on a long neglected project that I could not do before because of having to stop and help with Nico. I’m one of those who won’t do anything if I can’t devote the whole day to it.

So everyday I worked until I dropped. Then I started in on my sewing. Projects in the drawer that needed to be finished to take to the hospital for the children were completed and lots of bunnies sewn. I was feeling so invigorated. I thought if I can keep this up then I can start back to wandering around the island to take photos and add to my blog.

But all good things must come to an end. My family came home and my vacation was over. In to the house came my grandson hacking and limp. He was sick! My daughter was sick! Everyone came home sick!!!

I did what I could for my little guy as he stayed home on the couch taking tons of medicine and watching cartoons. My sewing came to a full stop. The yard thankfully was in order but watering slowed down and I just knitted.

Now I am not even knitting. I’m dragging myself from room to room sounding like a cacophony of seals. And so as I sat this morning in my chair looking out the window wishing I could do something I see a bird puffing himself up in the strangest way in a tree. Dizzily I get up and head for my camera. I’ll be darned, I think, if I can’t at least take a photo from home. By the time I get back to the window he is gone.


My inspiration

This sucks! It’s going on 8 days now and I’m tired of dragging around. I was always the one that was over the worst of anything within two days. I’m still dragging but I remember. Though winter has come and it has stripped my plumeria tree of all its leaves there is still one small hopeful bouquet trying to bloom on it. It gives me hope. Yes I might be heading into my winter years but I’m still trying to bloom. Like my plumeria I will sprout leaves again. And when I do I will work hard to keep healthy as now I realize I’m no spring chicken anymore.

Just a thought. Rick Braveheart Do you think I could have picked up what you had while reading your blog 🙂