Blogs of Interest

Who do I follow or what have I read. My interest are varied but these are some of the blogs that I like to keep up with. I may not always agree with what is said but I always enjoy reading them.

Toby Neal- An Endless Fascination with Stories   love Toby’s insight on life. This particular post really made me think. Now when Christmas comes around I know that if I want the Christmas that I am expecting, I’d best do something about it.

She is also a mystery writer. She just emailed me about her up and coming book. She says; “My first mystery novel, “Blood Orchids,”  is coming out in about a month. Local girl detective, set on Big Island, romance in the background.” Keep an eye out for it.

The following is a quote from that particular blog; The Secret to Happiness

Unfulfilled expectations are the source of most unhappiness.

“Most negative emotion associated with anticipatory events (like birthdays) has to do with the expectations (thoughts/opinions) we have in anticipation of something. We have hopes, we have expectations, and if they aren’t met we get disappointed which results in sad/angry. Over time and repeated disappointments we can get conditioned that holidays are bad, birthdays are a pain, etc.

What’s the way out? Get clear about what’s really happening and what you’re really thinking/hoping for. Make your best effort to fulfill your own expectations—after all the husband probably isn’t a mind reader, and the co-workers don’t know it’s your birthday if you don’t tell them, and in the end we can make our own birthday cake just the way we like it. Whose responsibility is it, really, to fulfill our expectations?”


“Peacock Shock” Is another blog I enjoy and love the quirky posts about Ian Peacock’s cat Bollenger . His post are always entertaining and funny. You can also get a little background on his part of life in England and his work at the BBC.




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