Karen and Cadi’s Excellent Adventure At Wailua Beach

Photo on 2013-01-12 at 13.20 #3

With four dogs I find it very hard to manage a walk for any of them. It’s a matter of them all crying and pawing to go all at once. Of course I’m not able to do this as I would be dragged down the street so fast that I’d be blood and bones by the time I got to the end of the block. I’ve been asking the family for help as these dogs need that exercise but so far no takers for now.

Cadi has become the biggest beggar and every time she thinks I’m going to walk out that door she runs to it and begins to shiver all over. The above photo pretty much shows how she looks when she pleads with me. Today since my daughter was home I decided to take Cadi for a ride with me to Waialua where I get the diatomaceous earth to help control fleas and ticks on my little pack.

After picking up the powder and cow hooves for them to chew on I stopped off at my favorite “Waialua Fresh” Vegetable (You can find them on facebook) store to pick up some Hawaiian honey. I walked to the car where Cadi sat ramrod straight waiting patiently. She deserved an adventure. So off we drove to look for a beach that didn’t have a sign that said “no dogs allowed.”


Yup. Here was a  sign with no restrictions. So out of the car jumped Cadi for her first outing to the beach. Even though this island is surrounded by ocean it is very hard to find a beach that is not jammed full of tourist that you can park your car close to or one that allows dogs. If there are beaches that are empty they are more then likely to be surrounded by expensive homes that cut off access to the nicer beaches. So when I saw this sign I immediately  pulled up to the one of three parking spaces.


With the sun shining brightly and the access so inviting we started our walk towards the ocean. But as we walked I was drawn to a small body of water to my right.


This looks like it might have been a stream that had come down from the mountain and towards the ocean. But if you look closely (click on photo for a closer view) You will see large pieces of rubbish  and unhealthy looking water. I always feel sad when I see how people carelessly destroy such beautiful surroundings.


At last we come to the beach. A few men and their kids were casting their poles out into the surf.  The beach is full of drift wood that might have come in with the tide. I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk this way so I looked to my right.


To my right was a long stretch of sand uninterrupted by any mounds of drift wood. Just as I started to walk this way I heard excited yelling from the kids on the left side of the beach.


One of the young boys had pulled this dead blow fish out of the water. Again if you zoom in you can see the hole on its side. To me that did not look right and I wondered how it died. I was hoping, not from some kind of disease.  I went to get closer to take another photo.


As I stepped toward the fish the boy picked up his find with his fat stick and flung it back into the sea. Was he thinking the fish would swim away? I felt bad about the fish. It reminded me of the blow fish that used to swim in the indoor saltwater pool at a restaurant where I worked. Everyone got a laugh from him as every once in a while he would climb up on a small rock and bark. That is also why they are called dog-fish. This poor little guy won’t bark anymore. And for sure you don’t want to eat this fish even if he was still alive they are highly poisonous. In Japan they are quite a delicacy and Chiefs take years to learn how to prepare them.


So we turned to the right again and headed down the large stretch of beach where Cadi sniffed along luxuriously taking in all the smells. I was looking at the homes that lined the beach and thought why do they allow special people to build homes along the ocean and deny the majority of the pleasure of an open beach?


Obviously one of the homeowners has set himself up in quite a wonderful spot to watch the moon go down or the sun set. And if he needs some rest after counting all his money he has his hammock set up under his little grass hut.


But still. I had access to this beach and Cadi was so happy to be out with me that I decided to look closer at the plants along the way. Here are photos of the flowers that actually grow along this coast. As I looked at them I thought they were quite pretty.




Here you can see a close up of the drift wood that is piled along the beach sand. I tried but could not think of what I could make from these pieces but they certainly were attractive.


And as I knelt  down to take an even closer photo of these flowers Cadi stepped right in front of my camera taking a quick lick of my lens (OH No!) and totally blocking my shot. I pushed her and I pulled her but she refused to move until I got up and started to walk away. She had had enough of dead fish, driftwood and plants.


So I turned around and headed back up the beach and to the access road where Cadi with sand on her lips happily walked to the car. We got in, headed down the road and up the winding path, past  Schofield Barracks and down the long stretch lined by farms.

Once at home Cadi stood in the middle of the living room so that the other three dogs could sniff her, taking a vicarious trip  via her fur and paws. Then they all ran to the door crying. OK now it’s their turn.

When The Sun Doesn’t Always Rise

A three-day weekend has so many possibilities. For me it was finely a chance to try to catch the sunrise over Diamond Head from the park overlooking Pearl Harbor. Saturday found me up in plenty of time. With my four dogs all circled around me I walked through the house getting ready.

I found myself slowing down. My first problem was I was still  in my pajamas. The next was talking to my pack and listening to them (in my head) plead with me not to leave them alone.

Before I knew it I was out in the yard cleaning up messes, then checking messages on my phone, and computer. By the time I had put all of the dog’s food and supplements together I had barely time to look up and when I did I could see the clouds turning pink. I had totally missed my window of time to photograph the sunrise.

But there were the big waves at Haleiwa I could photograph. That was another challenge on my list. Then my daughter came downstairs and said she was going out with her dad shopping. I would have to lock up the dogs and leave them in their cages if I left the house. I couldn’t do it. I made my breakfast and settled in for another day of no accomplishments and the company of dogs.

I didn’t even think of doing anything for the next day. It was just to hard.

But today, Sunday, arrived at the same time and place it always does. Right outside my window. I woke up at 5:15 AM to the sound of Ka Mea (my pit bull) hacking up a pile of bamboo from the mass I had cut down a few days prior.

I jumped out of bed, flew to his cage, chased him to the door and outside he went along with the other two on his tail. Thankfully, Cadie, the boxer was sleeping upstairs. After Ka Mea gave the all clear, he came in and went back into his cage. The other two curled up in their places in my room and I climbed back into bed.

Nagging went through my head. I’ve plenty of time. Get dressed first. Don’t elaborate on the dogs food and for darned sure, don’t turn on the computer. And that is what I did.


Can you See Diamond Head? The closer I got in with my lens the more pixellated  it got. Ah something new has been added to my plate. Using the telephoto and getting clearer photos. Oh and I need a new tripod. Hmmm

I was in the park by 6:25 AM. Checking my phone I realized I was there a half hour too early. But I knew how long it took me to set up and do practice shots. The words of Rick Braveheart  TheGreatAmericanLandscape.com went through my head. He spoke of how many times he would go back to a place to watch the different elements in the surroundings he wanted to photograph. I hoped that I would just set up and get a lucky shot. (I fight too much to get outside and the thought of doing it over and over just overwhelmed me)

Well as it happened I never got the sunrise. It stayed cloudy and gray. The most energetic thing I saw was a cat scampering about the park looking for his partner who had run and hid behind a fence. So I took what I could and instead of heading home I decided to go and have a cup of coffee and work on this blog.

It was as though I had been slapped in the back of the head. I carried my cappuccino to my table and looked out the window of the cafe and darned if I didn’t see the sun rising over the horizon. It was 7:11. Yes the sun was to rise at 7:11 right on the dot. But I thought since it was light out while I was at the park that the sun had already risen and I’d missed it at 7:00 AM.


This was taken out the window of the Cafe. The sun had just began peeking over the horizon. The small body of water in front is Pearl Harbor


And as the sun rose quickly in the east I learned a lesson

I’ve arrived home. I open the door and Ka Mea, and my sheep dog Max, greet me at the door and before I know it they zoom past me and are running up and down the street before I can lay my things down. My daughter is out in her pajamas calling them as they rush by her. I’m out there like a crazy woman shaking their treat bag up and down in hopes they will stop long enough for me to catch them. And as they are finely rounded up I ask myself, why do I have such a hard time leaving them at home.

This getting out of the house thing has got to go and I will have to go with it. Yes Rick, I’m learning. All though slowly, I’m learning. I will  have to keep going back.

The sun may not have risen over Diamond Head but it rose. I may have missed that shot but I did get something. Hopefully there will be tomorrow to try again.


Lucky You Live Hawaii


The Sun goes down and the water remains bath tub warm. The view makes me want to cry. But I’m not here. My son took this photo. This is his youngest son who is still going at it as the last rays flash into the horizon. If you look closely you can even see red sails in the sunset.

I am sure there are those of you who would give anything to be sitting on this beach watching the sky change colors like a chameleon. Maybe take a moonlight swim or just hold hands with someone special and kick your feet with a slight splash as you stroll along the shoreline.

I know that is what I would love to do. “Hey wait a minute” you may say, “you live in Hawaii, what keeps you from doing it?”

Hmm. Good question. I’m becoming a recluse. With all this beauty around me I rarely leave the house. So I’m going to force my way out of the house and look into a few places that one of my readers, Helen Dano, suggested. Sink holes and a natures preserve.

I will just do it! Meanwhile I need to head down to that beach and capture a few shots of my own. I need to be rejuvenated. After all, to paraphrase a saying here in the islands,  “I’m lucky I live Hawaii!”