Day At Queen Emma’s Summer Palace

Queen Emma was the real Queen of Hearts. She was loved by the Hawaiian people and in turn she worked tirelessly to improve their lives. She and her husband were responsible for gathering together the money to build The Queens Hospital so that Hawaiian People could receive medical help during a time that Hawaiians were not allowed to go to other hospitals.

King Alexander Liholiho, her husband would walk the business district with a ledger in hand to solicit funds from businesses on his own. The Queen would sponsor concerts, plays and fairs to raise money for their project.

Her foresight at the loss of the Hawaiian culture speared her on to buy any Hawaiian artifact that she saw in auction, at estate sales or any thing she might be told about that had come up for bid. A large portion of what is in the Museum comes from her estate!

Leah Caldeira and Marques Marzaon portray Queen Emma and King Kamehameha the IV

The above couple strolled through the gathering on the grounds of Queen Emma’s Summer palace. I knew they weren’t the real King and Queen but it was easy to suspend belief and imagine the royal couple presiding as they had done so many times in the past. There were many gatherings at the home where they would do just as this couple did.

Queen Emma’s home. Though it is not a palace it is quite a beautiful structure.

The palace was built in 1848 and eventually came into Queen Emma’s hands when her uncle, John Young II left it to her. She and the King stayed here during the summer and when they needed to get away from the stresses of court life.

The Summer Home is Now a Museum. Two docents from the museum stand in front in their graceful muumuu

Many shady places were set up around the grounds. It’s the beginning of October and it is still to hot to be in anything but shorts and tee shirts as people took in the many booths.

There were hand painted Christmas Ornaments

Hand Painted Christmas ornament made from the Hau Tree

A handmade tutu (grandma) doll with all of her Christmas goodieshandmade Wili Wili seed leis

Hala lei made from the droop of the fruit

Handmade bowls from local woods. If you would like to see more you can go to this website

Hand painted and carved gourd

Mango. My favorite fruit. If you would like to see more go to

This looks like a mass of flowers but actually they are head and hat bands

More head bands or Haku Lei

A haku lei on a hat

This photo shows a family of boys pounding poi. This photo was taken by my friend and fellow docent Wil Luna. The father of these boys is doing some amazing things with natural resources that everyone should be interested in and here is his site. Please take the time to look at it.

Hawaiian Quilt. It was the grand prize in the raffle that they were going to have. It is such a gorgeous piece of work. I stood and looked and thought. Five dollar a chance. My chances? Zero. Five dollars in my hand? Better than in the bush.

I wondered around and tried to imagine what Queen Emma felt as she strolled her gardens.

Don’t ask me. Maybe some type of Ginger. Maybe one of you can tell me. I just think it is beautiful.

I left the people walking by the tree for scale. I wonder how long that tree has been there? Queen Emma planted many of the plants on the ground. She also had a stable that has since been turned into a preschool. She was an avid horsewoman and there were once stables on the grounds. The Anglican bishop and his family once lived on the grounds also and that house, not the stables, was later turned into a preschool. Sorry about that.

It was a very nice day, I met a lot of my friends walking around. I also met some very nice people in passing. This was a wonderful affair and if you want some good company what better company could you have then to spend a day with Queen Emma.