Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained


Wailua Sugar Mill



The road to Wailua

I went over to Wailua this week. I had to pick up dog food . I noticed  sign to a nursery. It was behind the sugar mill. So I thought I would explore it as I had been thinking about finding a nursery for some seeds.

IMG_4421Lokahi Nursery

It was just a small five-minute walk through from one end of the nursery to the other if you were counting time. But it was packed with roses, herbs and native plants.
A young girl was kneeling down working on some plants. She was the owner of the nursery and was a wealth of information.

What started out as curiosity for me turned out to be a shopping trip for a new rose, several herbs, a gardenia and pikake.(Jasmin)






I also picked up the above three herbs called Tulsi basil.They are of the Tulsi family but  I can’t remember what their individual names were.  I was told that they are very good tea herbs that are considered some of the best among health teas. Can’t hurt, so I am trying to grow them now.

If you would like, you can read about the herb here
The owner also offered to take a large cutting from my Aloha rose. ( the same rose cuttings that caddie ate. The cuttings  were just beginning to sprout.) she is going to  sprout them for me. I am so happy as I have never been successful after the caddie  incident.

I just love it when I find these unexpected places. It’s just a matter of taking a drive down the unknown path. Yes and I gain a lot.