Tea In My Garden

I’ve been out of commission for a couple of months (to be blogged later) My garden went to pot. I cried because there was not a whole lot I could do about it. Now I’m getting back on track and I’ve been putting many an hour in and it seems my garden is very happy for it.

The one plant I’ve really given attention to is my Hibiscus tree.

IMG_3201Now I can hear some of you saying, “Hibiscus?” That is just an ugly weed! Not so fast and too loud. I don’t want my tree to hear. My hibiscus has been perking up with all the attention and does not look like an ant colony anymore.

Why would I care about a hibiscus? Well I do like the flowers, and yes because it is like a weed it grows quite fast. Especially when you water it. (yes I still feel bad about that) But most of all this is why I love this tree.

IMG_2394Hibiscus Iced Tea

We’re in the middle of a tsunami of humidity and I’m ready for a big glass of this. Since I’ve been watering my Hibiscus it is now blooming on my side of the garden and not just over the fence for my neighbor to enjoy. (she made the tea also.)

Now I’ll share this with you. (and only those of you who love your tree)

I was given this recipe from a friend. I really like it. Try it too and have a nice fresh cold one. Bottoms up!

Hibiscus Iced Tea

a quart and a half of boiling water,

12 hibiscus steeped for 20 minutes ( I added some rooibos tea, 2 TBS)

when steeped I put 3 tbsp German Rock Sugar

4 tsp lime juice

a thumb size piece of grated ginger

let it all sit for another hour.

It originally is made with honey but I was all out.

Another blessing from my garden waiting to get ripe. No recipe needed just cut and enjoy.


At the Waipahu Festival Marketplace

The smell assaults you as you enter. Jonah in the belly of the whale must have endured the same smell. But I breath in deep. Not because I like the smell but because I’ve been told the smell will dissipate much faster. And it does.

There are no Farris wheels, games or fast rides at this festival. But the foods, vegetables and fruits are not what you ordinarily see in the store. And if you are a fish lover, you have come to the right place. The Waipahu Festival Marketplace.

Dragon Fruit and Apple Bananas

Taro tops ( this is dry land taro, the corm is what they use to make poi with)

The heart of the banana ( this hangs from the bottom of the banana stalk) I don’t know how it is cooked but it is quite popular amongst the Filipino community

These guys speak for them selves. Also the culprits that punch you in the olfactory.

And what would a festival be without treats?

And there are many, many more offerings where these came from

Here is the information if you want to  know how to get to the Waipahu Festival Market Place


Fight Over Genetically Modified Organisms Food Labeling – Video from KITV Honolulu

I’m enclosing a clip from our local news about how we are fighting to have our foods labeled to let people know if there are any GMO ingredients in the package. The Hawaiian people fought to keep Monsanto and University of Hawaii from trying to Change the Taro plant into a GMO (Genetically Modified) plant and the Hawaiians won. Thank goodness.

But right now Monsanto is paying off many, many people and feeding them false information about the foods being safe. So it has been a long hard fight to get any of the representatives or senators who are not receiving anything from Monsanto to introduce this bill.

So the Hawaiians who were involved in the fight to save their taro are back to help those of us trying to keep our food from being contaminated. So they brought their statue of Haloa. Legend has it that Haloa (http://honoluluweekly.com/cover/story-continued/2006/03/food-for-life/) was born to two major gods. He was misshapen and died. When he was buried the Taro plant grew from him. His brother born after him took care of the plant and in turn the plant fed him and his family and all the nation of Hawaii.

So the taro plant is more than a plant it is family and treated with respect and honored. So with that background you can now take a look at the news clipping and understand a little more.

Hawaiian Activists Fight Over Genetically Modified Organisms Food Labeling – Video – KITV Honolulu.



Shiro’s Saimin, Friends and a Little Rain

Nico has been asking me to take him with his friend John Mark to do something since they are home for Christmas. Well I was sick one day, then had errands to do another and finely Nico caught me at my computer and said, “you promised to take me and John Mark somewhere.

What’s a grandma to do. So I went and picked up John Mark and his mom and the four of us happily talked in the car as we drove off to have some Saimin.



Shiro’s is well-known for their Saimin and I’d been wanting to eat some for a week. Both John Mark and Nico were only to happy to have a bowl of it too. Marites, John Mark’s mom had never eaten there so we all agreed it was a good choice.

I decided on the Wun Tun With Vegetables only because I was overwhelmed with all of the choices. There are over 60 choices or more. The two boys decided on pizza and chicken nuggets. Yeah, some saimin choice.

Behind these curtains are order went.

Social Networking at it’s best. I can’t belive with all the harping to see each other, the whole time we waited for our order to come to the table, this is how the two boys “Played and talked with each other.”

Half way through my Wun Ton I remembered to take a photo. It was very good. Nico ate his order and part of mine too. Darned kid, why didn’t he just order saimin to begin with.

We wanted to take the boys somewhere to play. It was the first time I realized that Hawaii is really an outdoors kind of place. Yes I know, Sun shine beaches etc. but it does not really hit home until it rains.

The Saimin was great because it was cold and rainy outside but where could we take the boys to play. The McDonald playgrounds were closed because of rain, the parks were flooded with water, there weren’t bowling balls small enough for them to throw and worst of all the kids movies had been shown and we would have had to wait several hours for the next showing.

So we let them look at some of the Game stop, toy stores and shops at the mall. Then we had to call it a day.

The main thing was, the two friends got together and will again for a party tomorrow night. I got to have the Won Ton Min I had been craving and Marites got to try a new restaurant. All in all it was a good day.