Surf’s Up

DSCN2355One evening while driving down the street I saw these clouds. Yes, this is exactly what they look like. I had to stop my car in the middle of the street and pull out my trusty iPhone and this is what I got. Lucky I live Hawaii

And Now A Word From My Sponsor

Actually I’m his sponsor being that I am showing you photos that my son, Joseph, took.



Now I wasn’t with him and so I’m not sure but I think this was out at Waimea Bay. Joseph loves his GoPro and I think gets some pretty nice photos with it.




Though many a time I’ve seen turtles Surfing (yes they surf) in the waves, I’ve never seen them under water.




Joseph was able to get up and personal with them.


1375924_153386118205082_1931703729_nAnd of course my son’s water baby, Laʻakea was with him.

And now back to our regular program. Well when I get around to posting it.


Of Pigs and Rocks and Crabs in the Sand

There is so much to know about making a luau. None of which I can even begin to tell you. My son called me and asked if I wanted to go out to Waianae to visit his cousin Kaipo. Oh Yes! I love to visit with him. He has so many stories about the Hawaiian side of his family and it’s never a dull moment around him.

Then my son said were going to go to Makaha to the beach so that Kaipo can show the kids how to find rocks for the imu. The imu is the pit that the pig is roasted in with special types of rocks and this was what we were going to look for. 3372289796_2c776f7d98_bI’ve shown this photo in another blog but I thought it would help to illustrate how they put the rock inside of the pig and then into the hot rocks into the ground which is the imu. There is much more preparation then that but in the interest of time and my brain that has forgotten most of it I think you will get the picture.IMG_0646Here is Kaipo checking out something in the water. I imagine this is where he looks for the rocks. And do you know why I have to imagine? Well once we got there I forgot to pay attention as I could not stop taking photos. So needless to say, I don’t have a photo of the rocks..

IMG_0671I think  you would be distracted too if this was your view.

Then I thought I should go and listen to what they are saying as they gathered around Kaipo. So I walk over to where they all gathered and my son tells me, “I’m glad your taking photos. Can you make sure to get Laʻkea on the boogie board. Well so much for learning anything.

IMG_0669Gathering around Kaipo and I have no idea what they are talking about.

IMG_0637Donʻt ask me  but it looks interesting

IMG_0718So I start photographing. Once again my grandson Laʻakea is in the water catching waves

IMG_0720This one broke too soon and he tried to make it to shore before it got him

IMG_0721Hmmm, not sure if he is going to make it

IMG_0722Well he caught some of it and finely made it into shore

IMG_0728Time to take a rest

IMG_0714And my younger grandson Nico is learning to ride the waves and his father is teaching him. What a way to spend the day with your dad.

IMG_0670I turn around and everyone is searching the sand. Again Iʻm clueless. soon someone comes over and shows me the glass they had gathered for my daughter who likes to collect it.

IMG_0653So what is Cody looking for?

IMG_0673Well he may not have found anything in the coral but he certainly found a crab in the sand.IMG_0647As I looked around I found this memorial. Iʻm not sure but since this is inlaid into the coral Iʻm thinking he might have been killed while fishing. A lot of memorials go up at the beach where fishermen have been taken into the water by high waves and drowned.

So we say good-by to Kaipo and the gang no wiser about luau rock then I was. But, you know crabs live in the sand, kids love the waves and I need to quit being distracted by my camera.

There is a Kalua coming up and they will be digging an imu, roasting a pig and most definitely there will be luau rock. If I can keep my attention on the imu, I will then get a photo of the rock, thatʻs if we donʻt end up at the beach.

Tea In My Garden

I’ve been out of commission for a couple of months (to be blogged later) My garden went to pot. I cried because there was not a whole lot I could do about it. Now I’m getting back on track and I’ve been putting many an hour in and it seems my garden is very happy for it.

The one plant I’ve really given attention to is my Hibiscus tree.

IMG_3201Now I can hear some of you saying, “Hibiscus?” That is just an ugly weed! Not so fast and too loud. I don’t want my tree to hear. My hibiscus has been perking up with all the attention and does not look like an ant colony anymore.

Why would I care about a hibiscus? Well I do like the flowers, and yes because it is like a weed it grows quite fast. Especially when you water it. (yes I still feel bad about that) But most of all this is why I love this tree.

IMG_2394Hibiscus Iced Tea

We’re in the middle of a tsunami of humidity and I’m ready for a big glass of this. Since I’ve been watering my Hibiscus it is now blooming on my side of the garden and not just over the fence for my neighbor to enjoy. (she made the tea also.)

Now I’ll share this with you. (and only those of you who love your tree)

I was given this recipe from a friend. I really like it. Try it too and have a nice fresh cold one. Bottoms up!

Hibiscus Iced Tea

a quart and a half of boiling water,

12 hibiscus steeped for 20 minutes ( I added some rooibos tea, 2 TBS)

when steeped I put 3 tbsp German Rock Sugar

4 tsp lime juice

a thumb size piece of grated ginger

let it all sit for another hour.

It originally is made with honey but I was all out.

Another blessing from my garden waiting to get ripe. No recipe needed just cut and enjoy.