Mayday at Bishop Museum

With the sound of the conch shell blowing the May Day court is called.


All of the volunteers at Bishop Museum are gathered to watch the May Day Court proceed. We are invited here to be entertained and served lunch in thanks for our service. The first of May had been called Lei Day since 1929 at which time it was started to keep the tradition of the Lei alive. Lei Day

The court lines up. Each color representing an island. Let the procession begin

The Conch Shell is blown once more to start the procession towards him

The Kahili bearers come down next bearing Kahili’s normally made of feathers, but for this day it is all fresh flowers.

The King and Queen of the day come down lastThe King and Queen are presented before the court

The Queen dances for us

The traditional May pole Dance.

Which would you prefer? I think I will take the May- day Court and the Hula over a May Pole any day.

If  you are counting, sorry I did not get good photos of all the island representatives. There was more to add but for some reason I had lots of problems with my posting today. So I will close and hope everyone had as colorful a day as I did here in the islands.