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Where’s the Pig or What You Might or Most Likely Not See While Hiking on Oahu.

IMG_6419Koolau Range

Entering the mountains here on Oahu makes me feel immediately at peace. In the past I would go with friends on pig hunts but knew in my heart they would not catch anything. For one thing they always left to late and you had to be in the mountains at the crack of dawn to catch anything worth while. The last thing I wanted to see was a pig getting killed.

DSCN1534 A pig hunter heading down the road with his wild boar trophy on his truck

While hiking I would hear rustling in the bushes. This was most likely a sign of pigs. But I never saw one. But while driving through a rural neighborhood I saw one out on the road checking his mail. At least that is what it looked like as he headed towards a mailbox.

While walking my dog at dusk I could see another dog walking towards us. But his feet seemed so dainty and he seemed so light on them. It turned out to be a young pig taking a walk down the street. He saw us coming towards him and he took off. I’d never seen anything walk so fast in high heels as this little guy. Well once again that is how it looked as his little porky toes click, clacked down the street. But no, I never saw one in the mountain.

As it is I don’t have to go into the mountains to see pigs as they seem to be all around me. I would have to say here though. They are destructive. They tear up all of the native forest and root into the forest floor. So pig hunting is necessary to try to keep the population down and of course for luaus.

3372289796_2c776f7d98_bSo this is the closest I’ve been to a pig even though it’s not alive. This is a pig being dressed for a luau. They will put the hot stones inside of the cuts in the body and then lay him onto hot stones in the ground after he has been wrapped  and then buried with dirt. Can anyone say Kalua Pig?