Kunia Hawaii Post office

The Kunia Post Office

View from Plantation Camp towards Honolulu

Sun, green mountain ranges, nor blue skies detour our mailman. No sleet or snow for him. Our post mistress at the Kunia Post Office has to put up with the above view and friendly people who are enjoying  another day in paradise as she disperses stamps, weighs packages or arranges passports.

Side View Of the Kunia Post Office
Driving up the road on my way to the post office I am banked by green ridged mountains. I love this little outpost. Even during the Christmas season when every postmaster is overwhelmed by lines of people bearing boxed gifts to be sent to far off places I know that I will most likely be able to walk right up to the postal window in this trailer and get quick, friendly, helpful and competent service.
The Bus Stop

Even waiting for the conveniently, located bus can be a relaxing experience. All of these camp homes are close together in  they are but a few minutes walk from each other. Yet they have more space between them then the new modern homes down the road where we live. Like my son-in-law is fond of saying, our houses are so close we know the neighborhood kids from point of conception. Our windows are too close for comfort.

Sugar Plantation Home

Kunia Post office is situated in the middle of a plantation camp. This was all Dole Pineapple until recently when Dole decided to close down. The workers who lived right here on this plantation were allowed to stay on until they could find other places to live.

As it happened another big conglomerate, one that disturbs me, moved in and kept the workers on. Monsanto is now our neighbor growing their Frankenseed and secretly growing who knows what other monsters in their labs.
Hmm, I wonder how long our mountains will stay green and the workers will stay healthy? Well at least I still have my post office. I’ll stay away from the corn, soybeans and who knows what else Monsanto has contaminated.
But the little post office that could is still a part of my day. So far. With all of the post office closings I worry that Kunia Post Office might be on that list. So I buy stamps, mail packages and get my fill of post office gossip (psst did you hear the post office was broken in to?) while I can.
If you live here in the Waipahu area and want a nice postal experience and maybe help to keep it open, here are the directions; Kunia Post office.