It’s always snowing on the other side of the fence

Well, we have rain, at last. Lots and lots and I’m loving it because now I don’t have to stand outside and water everyday for 30 minutes. But alas, it is not snowing.

My friend Annelies sent me some photos of her area in Holland. The last time I was there it only snowed enough to hit the ground and melt. I was so disappointed. But this year it is covering everything and I’m sitting in the rain.

Oh well, I guess if I lived in it I would not be as happy to see it but I sure did enjoy the photos. So I’ve decided to share them with you for those of you who would like to have a white Christmas, here it is. (double click on photos if you would like a closer look)

I love the windmill peeking out in back



I’d love to be sitting with a bright red snow suit under this tree.

Thank you for sending me these photos Annelies. I hope to make it back one year for the snow and those winter markets. Those were the best.









How to get snowed in when in Hawaii

Example of the idyllic impression of a snowed-...

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My friend in Wisconsin wrote that it was 20 below last night. There is ice and snow everywhere.  I can’t even imagine what that must be like. You really have to keep your cabinets stocked with weather like that.

But I would still love to experience it. But there is a caveat. I would only want to experience it if I had a totally stocked food pantry and all the craft items I needed. Of course there would have to be cords and cords of wood by the fire place and enough money to pay an enormous heating bill. Hmm doesn’t sound like I want the cold but maybe a photo of snow on my windows. That would be my version of being snowed in.  If I’m not going out in the freezing cold (I’m no idiot) and the house has to be as warm as Hawaii, why move to a winter climate when a photo will do? That’s the ticket.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. But when I open that front door I want to go to the beach.

Santa’s no idiot either