My Day Has Gone to the Dogs

animals - 061Ka Mea on the left and Max on the right. Plotting against me.


I’m thinking what a great day. Got Nico to school just as the cars started to line up
behind me. I headed home thinking about washing Caddie’s car cover so that I can take her to Green World Farms to go knitting. As I put the cover in the wash machine I’m feeling ahead of the game and thinking about what to do next.

I press the garage door button to close it and open the door to the house and Ka Mea pushes through the indoor gate to keep him in and darts out of the house between my legs and Max darts after him both just making it under the garage door just as it comes down.They run up the block and disappear. My leg starts to swell. Do I let them take their chances with the cars and being picked up by the pounds.

I want to let them go. My leg hurts and I don’t feel like chasing them. But I limp to the car get out all of the large towels to cover the seats as it is rainy and muddy out. I spread the towels out, hop in my seat and drive up the block.

Ka Mea sees me in the car and stops mid pee on someone’s lawn and runs to the car as I open the door. He leaps in. Now for Max. I drive up and down and catch site of him in the rear view mirror as a neighbor is telling him to go home. I return to the house. drag both derelicts into the garage and close it.
As I get into the house there is one of Nico’s large picture books on the floor all ripped up (and I only left them home alone for 15 minutes). Now I know why Ka Mea is so anxious to run away. Well it has to be thrown out. I limp to the rubbish can, dump it, and head back in needing to sit down.

As I look down to straighten out the throw rug at the door I notice that one of the dogs has barfed on it. I’ve had it and it isn’t even 8:00 AM. I think I will just go to bed and stay there. I don’t think it is in the stars for me to even exist today.

Oh I forgot to mention. Why am I limping? I had my knee replace on March 4. That is a whole nother story. Suffice it to say I will cut my other leg off before I go through that again.