Making The Move From Google’s Blogspot

Black Crowned Night Heron

Why is Black, Blue

This is a test. After much frustration and angst, I had to give up on my blog on Google. Somehow I lost it and after hours and hours of reading about how to recover it (because you can’t contact them, at least that I could figure out) I decided to pack my bags and move to another neighborhood.

Google neighborhood has become overcrowded and it feels like the house is crashing in on me and the contractor is no where to be found. So I’ve moved.

I’m walking around here to see how friendly the neighbors are and if they will be able to help me set up house properly. So this photo is a first try. Well I got it on to the page. That is important because when I start blogging I will want to use lots of photos of my real neighborhood I call Hawaii.

I am sorry that I’ve lost many of my blog community friends in the move. There was just no way to get on to my blog to tell them what happened but I hope to find more in this area. Until then Ahui ho. (Until we meet again)

Oh I forgot to mention. That is a Black Crowned Night Heron in the above photo. I found him fishing at the local Taro Patch in Waipahu. I’ll write about it one day.