Looking Back, Looking Forward

Zoebird My Brittany Spaniel
A post from the past until I Post in the present.
The heading in my email from the dog treat site I subscribed to read “Baggens at Peace.” My heart sank. Before I even opened it visions for my Zoe started to emerge. I opened the mail and started to read. When I read where the writers dog had lain at her door, I saw Zoe. Her dog was dying and I knew every pain and emotion that she was going through and started to cry. 

Nico got worried, so quickly I dried my tears and got myself in order. Just then Max looked up at me and I felt the invisible tap on my shoulder. The whisper in my ear from nobody but yet I knew it was someone reminding me. “Max is only four but you can’t take him for granted.” 

I got off my chair and hugged him and ran my hands through his stiff, dusty fur. It had been a month since his last bath and worse yet two weeks since I’ve been able to walk him due to tendonitis in my foot. With his stinky paw  on my knee I told him, though it was late in the evening, he was getting a bath so that he could feel good again. 

That night he slept on my bed next to me. He smelled so good and felt even better. I was bound and determined to appreciate him even more. 

Tonight as I sat at my computer, frustrated, trying to figure out a program, Max put his paw on me. It was 8 PM and no one had walked him yet and since my daughter had hurt her knee and my son in law was complaining about his foot, I knew if Max was walked it was just going to be half a block. 

I tied on my shoes, loaded my phone into my pocket and grabbed my keys. Max knew the signs and was leaping like a lamb by the time I got to the door. I figured if I walked slow enough and let him sniff as much as he wanted it would suffice for not being able to walk at any length. 

We walked the half block to the park and he pulled me into it. I’ll let him take the lead, I thought, maybe he’ll do his business and head home. 

He walked, sniffed and peed from one end to the other. We made a full circle and then as we got back to the sidewalk, Max looked back at me. The wind blew and caught his fur just right. The fur covering his one eye lifted,and with that one eye, the look he gave me was as though he was saying, “can we go further?

 How could I not. 

Now were home. He’s laying at my feet, I’m eating a bowl of cereal watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the umpteenth time. Comfort food, a feel good movie and my companion next to me.

 For this moment everything is all right in my world. 

Four Equals One

My kids were up all night packing. When they left with tents, three mountain bikes and food a part of me went with them. Cadie.

Photo on 2013-01-12 at 13.20 #3

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you might know how I feel about my four dogs. I should say the family dogs but they sleep with me, eat what I put down for them and gather around me when ever I sit out in the patio. Do you see how Cadie  in the above photo is looking at me so admiringly? That is how she looks at me all day long as she follows me from room to room. She is a White Boxer

When ever I leave the house she shakes like a leaf when I leave her behind. Consequently I have a very hard time leaving to go anywhere because it breaks my heart that I have to leave them behind.


Now if Cadie could only behave like this when I leave I might not have told the kids to take her camping with them. I needed a “heart-break.” I am going to a knitting lesson tonight and I know I will be gone for many hours and the thought of leaving her home locked up just tears me to pieces.

So off she went without so much as a good-by as my son-in-law whisked her away with his quiet departure. I quickly pushed down the emerging sadness as I thought “I didn’t even get to hug her.” But I said to myself “be happy you won’t have to feel guilty when you leave tonight.”


IMG_0766Now this is Ka Mea. A Pit Bull.  And this is how he appears in the morning when he greets my daughter and I. He actually talks to us in long sing-song sounds. He is a happy little guy and when I leave he is just fine. He goes to his crate and settles in like a clam. No problem. He is Caddie’s pal and partner in crime if someone forgets to lock them up before they leave the house.

Many a time I’ve come home to my books and Nico’s books torn from the shelves and totally chewed up. I used to leave them in the yard until one day I came home to a snow storm. They had torn open all my yard furniture pillows and both sat at the sliding door looking at me with grins on their faces.

6689_1168430500950_1533576266_448836_2596211_nThis is what Max looked like when my kids first rescued him from the Humane society. He is a Polish Low Land Sheep Dog.His tail never lifted for the longest time and he walked sadly next to me when I took him out. But at least he was easy to walk.

DSC_0067_2This is “Mad” Max now. When we go for walks he pulls me down the street and his tale looks like Captain Feather Swords, sword. As Cadie and Max go whizzing by him he growls and grumbles. He pushes to be the first out to the yard. He barks at everything and everyone as they go by or don’t go by. He just loves to grumble. Cadie and he both stalk me. I have to make sure that I don’t give Max more attention then Cadie or it results in a big fight.

See that long mustache. That was Ka Mea’s playground when He was a pup. He pulled every bit of it off hanging off Max’s mouth. And Max never bit him.


And last but not least is Kylie.

Kylie is part Beagle and part Basset Hound. She she is a rescue also and really could be part anything. We were told of her wonderful virtues  when we decided to get her. She was housebroken (but not when it rains we found out. She pees on any and every area rug she can find) She doesn’t shed (when she is standing still) and she is a picky eater (If they meant picky as to what spot she is going to pick like the counter in the kitchen where she throws anything she can find down to the other dogs and then helps herself to the better foods. And we still can’t figure it out as to how she gets her short little legs up there as she is no higher than two feet.)


And Kylie and Ka Mea were best buds. UNTIL… Cadie. This brings me back to the beginning. Cadie became the toy hog, the pillow hog, and the dog hog. Ka Mea being the youngest loves to play and so does Cadie and Kylie. But Cadie won’t let Kylie play. I guess you can say she is the school yard bully. So Kylie has devised a way to get even with Ka Mea for dropping their friend ship.

When Ka Mea is all snugly in his crate rolled up into his pillow and Cadie is no where around. Kylie will stand in front of the cage and lean down on her two front paws in play position and bark a come out and play bark. Inevitably, Ka Mea will get out of the cage and prance and do his happy dance and Kylie will quickly go around him and run into Ka Mea’s cage and lay down on his pillow and go to sleep.

So those are the four. One is now camping and as I go into the house the three are not the same. Mea has been pacing and Max doesn’t seem to care that I’m not with him and Kylie? well she’s just Kylie. But as for me, how in the world did I ever think it would be a break for me if she went overnight with the kids? Three is not better than four. Would 3 limbs be better than four? Would  Three of my grand kids be better than the four? For that fact would 3 Hagen Daz Bars be better than a whole quart? Wait that’s not supposed to be on my mind.

No, I want my arms and legs in total. I want all my family together and without Cadie my pack is not complete. Oh well she will be home tomorrow.

And if you would like to see where the kids are dirt biking tonight here is a link to Kualoa Ranch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1dPL5vbDMg





Dogs and their “Pets”


DSCN0407Ka Mea the pit bull and Kylie the poi dog share the crate


Today, Cadie had  been sniffing, and sniffing at the cage and when Kylie went to get into the crate Cadie attacked her which made Max go for Cadie. Thankfully we were able to break it up with out me getting bit again.

IMAG0012Cadie looks so sweet and innocent. When she’s she sleeping.

So I’m thinking the piece of steak I gave Kylie in the crate today must still have a lingering smell. I take the rug under the crate and dump it for wash, I scrub the floor down and pull out the pillow. Low and behold as I pull the bedding out a small, stiff, little bird rolls around in the pillow.

That was the cause of the fight. and I’m sure what was driving Ka Mea to distraction at night.

IMG_0222Max to the risque

Cadie catches lizards and deposits them in the house, Kylie catches rats and this time a bird. I hate it. They kill the lizards that groom my garden, and leave me rat heads in the yard. But let a huge centipede climb into my closet they all run for the hills and leave me to sling the furniture all over the room with a scissors in my hand trying to kill it before it hides and attacks me at night.

Now to teach those darned dogs to make sure to protect the hand that feeds them the next time a centipede enters my house.


Here Comes Company. A Boxer joins the Pack

Ka Mea, the pit bull, fights for his place on the recliner with me, as a new dog has been added to our pack

This is Caddy our latest addition. She is my granddaughter’s dog but since my granddaughter is in transition right now Caddy will be staying with us. She is an Albino Boxer. She has managed to squeeze her way on to my recliner right next to Ka Mea. She not only works her way on to the recliner but she has managed to work her way into our hearts. She is the most precious animal and not much older than Ka Mea.

They have become bosom buddies and give each other a work out playing in and out of the house. I’ve never been around a boxer before and I must say I am so pleased at what a wonderful personality she has. She is also very smart, wonderful with Nico and loves each and every member of our household. She didn’t even bother Todd, the cat! Of course she is never left alone with Todd. After all she is still a dog.

Max has gone from this…..

To this

So how had Max our Polish Lowland Sheep dog taken this? Well since we cut all his hair off to help him out with the heat he has become a different dog and now plays so much more. With all his hair cut off Ka Mea no longer has anything to hold on to and Max can swirl and whirl around so fast now that he has become some mean competition on the playground.

But now we do absolutely have to close the doors on any other dogs who come to our doors. Of course I wish my granddaughter well in getting it together to once again take her dog home with her, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m in no hurry to let Caddy go. This is one visitor that is welcome to stay as long as she wants.

Raising a Pit Bull Puppy

Ka Mea I Ole Ai. “The one who lives.” Out of a litter of eight our Blue Nose pit bull puppy was the only one to survive.

I call him Ka Mea  which means “The Thing.” And that is what he is turning out to be.

I got him at 5 weeks of age. Every two hours,morning, noon, and into the night with flashlight in hand, I stood pajama clad waiting.  Pee and poop. Good, back into the house and into his crate.

By the end of the week I stumbled around, sunglasses on and baseball hat on my head when ever I had to go into public. I barely had time to wash my face. I couldn’t remember if I had brushed my teeth or combed my hair.

The following week. Miracles started happening. He slept through the night. OMG I could see the sun, I could smile and the thought of getting rid of him left my mind.

I still had to take him out every two hours during the day but I could do that. Dipping into his cage and lifting his little body out and not putting my face too close to his bobbing head with teeth looking for a place to bite into, I threw my back out.

So the second week I had to lower myself on to the floor very carefully to get him out. Two visits to the chiropractor and $100.00 lighter I got no relief. My kids stepped in to help when they were not at work.

Then week three. Max my Polish Lowland Sheepdog stepped in to help. He stopped growling at Ka Mea as the puppy whirled, leaped and grabbed mouths full of fur and Max started playing with him.

That was wonderful. Ka Mea was up more and much more full of energy. So I would sit outside in the yard and read while Max and Ka Mea played. After a half hour I could put Ka Mea into his crate and he would sleep.

But as Ka Mea headed into his eighth week he also started peeing in his cage. Previously we had lined his crate with paper and a rug in the back for him to sleep on. Then he started tearing it up. Paper was all over and pee went flying.

So I started putting rugs inside. That seemed to settle him down but then he started peeing on them and his pillow and now today, we have done 2 loads of wash just for pillows and rugs and that was before 9 AM.

This morning he went out maybe 7 times from 6:30 to 8:00 AM. Peeing in his cage twice within that time. I snapped at my daughter when she came down to the kitchen at 8:30. I snapped at Max who has now taken to beating up Ka Mea. And I snapped at myself for being so egotistical to think I could raise another puppy at 65 years of age. Oh my aching back.

So now he is heading into his 9th week. He will be getting his second set of shots and it will only be one more month before he gets his last set and we can take him out to the park. That’s if i can last until then. Tips would be appreciated and I’m not talking money. If you have had experience raising a pit bull puppy especially with an older dog I would love to hear about your experiences.

They say that 65 is the new 55. But I’m here to tell you, when raising a puppy 65 is more like 75 and I’ll never do it again.