Looking Back, Looking Forward

Zoebird My Brittany Spaniel
A post from the past until I Post in the present.
The heading in my email from the dog treat site I subscribed to read “Baggens at Peace.” My heart sank. Before I even opened it visions for my Zoe started to emerge. I opened the mail and started to read. When I read where the writers dog had lain at her door, I saw Zoe. Her dog was dying and I knew every pain and emotion that she was going through and started to cry. 

Nico got worried, so quickly I dried my tears and got myself in order. Just then Max looked up at me and I felt the invisible tap on my shoulder. The whisper in my ear from nobody but yet I knew it was someone reminding me. “Max is only four but you can’t take him for granted.” 

I got off my chair and hugged him and ran my hands through his stiff, dusty fur. It had been a month since his last bath and worse yet two weeks since I’ve been able to walk him due to tendonitis in my foot. With his stinky paw  on my knee I told him, though it was late in the evening, he was getting a bath so that he could feel good again. 

That night he slept on my bed next to me. He smelled so good and felt even better. I was bound and determined to appreciate him even more. 

Tonight as I sat at my computer, frustrated, trying to figure out a program, Max put his paw on me. It was 8 PM and no one had walked him yet and since my daughter had hurt her knee and my son in law was complaining about his foot, I knew if Max was walked it was just going to be half a block. 

I tied on my shoes, loaded my phone into my pocket and grabbed my keys. Max knew the signs and was leaping like a lamb by the time I got to the door. I figured if I walked slow enough and let him sniff as much as he wanted it would suffice for not being able to walk at any length. 

We walked the half block to the park and he pulled me into it. I’ll let him take the lead, I thought, maybe he’ll do his business and head home. 

He walked, sniffed and peed from one end to the other. We made a full circle and then as we got back to the sidewalk, Max looked back at me. The wind blew and caught his fur just right. The fur covering his one eye lifted,and with that one eye, the look he gave me was as though he was saying, “can we go further?

 How could I not. 

Now were home. He’s laying at my feet, I’m eating a bowl of cereal watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the umpteenth time. Comfort food, a feel good movie and my companion next to me.

 For this moment everything is all right in my world. 

My Day Has Gone to the Dogs

animals - 061Ka Mea on the left and Max on the right. Plotting against me.


I’m thinking what a great day. Got Nico to school just as the cars started to line up
behind me. I headed home thinking about washing Caddie’s car cover so that I can take her to Green World Farms to go knitting. As I put the cover in the wash machine I’m feeling ahead of the game and thinking about what to do next.

I press the garage door button to close it and open the door to the house and Ka Mea pushes through the indoor gate to keep him in and darts out of the house between my legs and Max darts after him both just making it under the garage door just as it comes down.They run up the block and disappear. My leg starts to swell. Do I let them take their chances with the cars and being picked up by the pounds.

I want to let them go. My leg hurts and I don’t feel like chasing them. But I limp to the car get out all of the large towels to cover the seats as it is rainy and muddy out. I spread the towels out, hop in my seat and drive up the block.

Ka Mea sees me in the car and stops mid pee on someone’s lawn and runs to the car as I open the door. He leaps in. Now for Max. I drive up and down and catch site of him in the rear view mirror as a neighbor is telling him to go home. I return to the house. drag both derelicts into the garage and close it.
As I get into the house there is one of Nico’s large picture books on the floor all ripped up (and I only left them home alone for 15 minutes). Now I know why Ka Mea is so anxious to run away. Well it has to be thrown out. I limp to the rubbish can, dump it, and head back in needing to sit down.

As I look down to straighten out the throw rug at the door I notice that one of the dogs has barfed on it. I’ve had it and it isn’t even 8:00 AM. I think I will just go to bed and stay there. I don’t think it is in the stars for me to even exist today.

Oh I forgot to mention. Why am I limping? I had my knee replace on March 4. That is a whole nother story. Suffice it to say I will cut my other leg off before I go through that again.

Dogs and their “Pets”


DSCN0407Ka Mea the pit bull and Kylie the poi dog share the crate


Today, Cadie had  been sniffing, and sniffing at the cage and when Kylie went to get into the crate Cadie attacked her which made Max go for Cadie. Thankfully we were able to break it up with out me getting bit again.

IMAG0012Cadie looks so sweet and innocent. When she’s she sleeping.

So I’m thinking the piece of steak I gave Kylie in the crate today must still have a lingering smell. I take the rug under the crate and dump it for wash, I scrub the floor down and pull out the pillow. Low and behold as I pull the bedding out a small, stiff, little bird rolls around in the pillow.

That was the cause of the fight. and I’m sure what was driving Ka Mea to distraction at night.

IMG_0222Max to the risque

Cadie catches lizards and deposits them in the house, Kylie catches rats and this time a bird. I hate it. They kill the lizards that groom my garden, and leave me rat heads in the yard. But let a huge centipede climb into my closet they all run for the hills and leave me to sling the furniture all over the room with a scissors in my hand trying to kill it before it hides and attacks me at night.

Now to teach those darned dogs to make sure to protect the hand that feeds them the next time a centipede enters my house.


I was just looking through some old post when I came across this. I did not realize how easy I had it when I only had one dog.

Max ran away.

It was a lazy day for me and it seemed the less I did the less I wanted to do. I looked at Max as I sat back on the overstuffed lazy boy with my feet up in the air. He was sitting right beside it and I was patting his head.

I pulled back his bangs from the top of his rag mop head and looked into his huge teddy bear eyes. Before I knew it he leaped off the floor and was on my lap.

“Take it easy Max, there’s not room for both of us in this chair” I said to him as his toenails dug into my thighs. But for him, there was more than enough room as he sat with his head totally blocking my line of vision.

I brushed him off of me and got up out of the chair and headed out the door. “Come on Max I’ll comb your hair.” I didn’t want a repeat of the snarls and tangles that had overtaken his fur the week I had not been home.

I sat on the chair outside and began to slowly comb his head, ears, back and down his legs as he twisted, flipped on his back and turned away from which ever side I was trying to comb. I looked at him and ordered him to sit.

“Max, your just too much dog for me” I told him as I thought about having to walk him that evening. I sure wish someone else would help me out with you. I knew he was getting antsy  and needed to be walked that night but I just did not want to do it.

That afternoon I had left the gate to the yard open to bring in a shelf. Max stood back and was very good about not going out as the large garden shelves were brought in.

When 4:00 PM arrived Max was doing his Velcro thing. He followed me everywhere around the house. “Oh, it’s your dinner time.” I put his food out in the patio and he began to crunch.

Ten minutes later I listened for his whine to come in to the house. He was not at the door. I looked out into the yard and thought, “Good. He is doing his business.”

Then all of a sudden I remembered. “I left the gate open!” I ran to the front door to look calling out to my son-in-law, Alika, “Max is loose, I forgot to close the gate!”

Alika ran out the front door and I passed him Max’s leash as he headed down the street.

Alika ran to the park down the block, I started calling up towards the end of the cul-de-sac thinking maybe he had chased the neighbors cat. Then I jumped in the car. The whole time Max’s big brown eyes stared  at me through my mind’s eye. ‘Please, please, please, Max. Don’t run out in the road.’

He was such a willy, nilly never paying any attention to what was going on around him. I looked to my left and to my right as I started to drive down the street. My son-in-law was just coming home with an empty leash. He said he could not see him anywhere.

It had only been ten minutes. Could he have run straight down to the main road? As I headed out to the main drag I called out the car window to a boy, standing in his bare feet, staring down the road.

“Have you seen a black shaggy dog?” He answered in the negative and asked me if I had seen a gray spotted dog running loose. I remembered the dog as he always got loose in the early dawn when I would walk Max. He would always run after us trying to get Max to play. I would always have to cut our walk short to take him back home.

“No I haven’t seen him but I know where to bring him if I do.” In my mind I could see Max and his wayward pal running down the busy street jumping and playing. I was afraid to drive to the big park. I was so afraid I would see Max, dead, his black fury body, motionless in the street.

Of course all the things I should a, could a, would have done for Max went through my mind. Was this going to be the last time I ever see him again?

I drove everywhere, asked everyone. I even thought maybe he’s still in the house. I thought about the time I tore out of the house looking for Zoe, crying because I could not find her only to realize that I had accidentally locked her in my closet and there she was crying to get out when I got home.

No, I knew Max was outside and I knew he was gone. So I slowly drove home. I could hear the boys dog barking to get back into his yard as I drove by, but no Max. I gave it one last call as I passed our house. I yelled as loud as I could and looked in the front screen of the house from the car. I thought I heard click, click, click on our wooden floors. I started to turn the car around to head out again when Alika called out to me that Max was back.

He had been where I thought he was in the first place. At the neighbors, chasing their cats and eating all the cats food. I was so relieved and happy to see my little guy. The water bowl that I had filled up with clean water just before Max had run away was now full of red dirt. Max was panting and I think he was smiling too.

I took him out in back once again, this time the gate was closed. I started to re-brush all of the weeds that were stuck to this Brillo pad dog. Lifting his bangs, I looked into his eyes and said to him.

“Well, I guess I won’t have to take you for a walk tonight.”

It turned out to be a great day for both of us.

Here Comes Company. A Boxer joins the Pack

Ka Mea, the pit bull, fights for his place on the recliner with me, as a new dog has been added to our pack

This is Caddy our latest addition. She is my granddaughter’s dog but since my granddaughter is in transition right now Caddy will be staying with us. She is an Albino Boxer. She has managed to squeeze her way on to my recliner right next to Ka Mea. She not only works her way on to the recliner but she has managed to work her way into our hearts. She is the most precious animal and not much older than Ka Mea.

They have become bosom buddies and give each other a work out playing in and out of the house. I’ve never been around a boxer before and I must say I am so pleased at what a wonderful personality she has. She is also very smart, wonderful with Nico and loves each and every member of our household. She didn’t even bother Todd, the cat! Of course she is never left alone with Todd. After all she is still a dog.

Max has gone from this…..

To this

So how had Max our Polish Lowland Sheep dog taken this? Well since we cut all his hair off to help him out with the heat he has become a different dog and now plays so much more. With all his hair cut off Ka Mea no longer has anything to hold on to and Max can swirl and whirl around so fast now that he has become some mean competition on the playground.

But now we do absolutely have to close the doors on any other dogs who come to our doors. Of course I wish my granddaughter well in getting it together to once again take her dog home with her, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m in no hurry to let Caddy go. This is one visitor that is welcome to stay as long as she wants.