This Ones For You

This is from my Old Holo Holo blog with an update.


What does it say about a society that puts beer in front of the dairy case? At the local Times Market there is a huge display of beer in a semicircle with a large open area in front of it so that you can get to the beer without any obstruction. This display fronts the dairy case where I have to wait if someone is trying to get milk because there is not enough space for two shopping carts.

It just plain irks me. I can see where the store’s priority lies and it certainly isn’t with the consumer. The beer obviously brings in more money and people who want to get milk for their families must be on the low rung of the ladder. Though I’ve mentioned this to the store manager it makes no difference. (See remarks at end of article)

We the consumer are no longer the ones who “are always right.” We the consumer can take it or leave it is becoming the attitude of Wal-Marts who are putting people out of business by selling inferior products. Big bookstores with masses of disorganization leaving the consumer to hunt and peck through their messes are fast becoming the norm. Department stores who only have people who take your cash (and don’t know how to count it back,) but can no longer assist you in the dressing room proliferate.

Even going to the vet can empty out your life savings as they give dogs unneeded shots, blood test, x-rays, over night stays where there is no one in attendance making the pet owner think that their pet is being attended too when you could have taken the pet home and saved yourself a couple a hundred dollars.

All these things these merchants and providers do in the name of “caring about YOU! Ha! What a crock. So what is it  that these money grabbing, capitalistic, greedy merchants trying to tell us?

Nothing! They don’t need to make excuses for themselves because we keep consuming, we don’t speak up, and we accept inferior service. We have become so complacent that we will even accept a full body scan at the airport even though it strips us of our dignity, privacy, and humanity. We don’t question anything anymore, we just say the strip search via the scanner is “for our safety.” “The inferior quality and service we get from merchants saves us money.” The vaccines that have killed, maimed and made many sick are for our health.

We have lost the power to make a statement. We no longer matter. We are all prisoners of our own lack of action. If we don’t take back the power to speak up then maybe we need to drink up, because we are all going down.

UPDATE: I was in my local Times Market the other day and noticed that the beer had  been moved and the isle widened in front of the milk case. I doubt it was due to my blog but how ever it was done, it is nice to be back in the market again and not the liquor store. Cheers to you Times Supper Market.

I am also encouraged with the number of people who are finely starting to fight back concerning the body scanners. Now if we could just unite and not fly for a day or two to really make a point. It’s time we fight back.