IpuʻAina Refuse Bowl & Kalaipahoa

Hawaiians had a way of demeaning their enemy even into their enemies grave!

To protect the bones and teeth from being taken from their chiefs, the Hawaiians hid them away after their Alii Died. ( High Chiefs) In part this was to protect them from ending up in a bowl like the one seen above.

The above bowl was inlaid with the teeth of this particular chiefs enemies (ipu ʻaina) in order to desecrate and shame the fallen enemy  even after death. Now that is what I call revenge.

But if that doesn’t work for you how about a little extra fibber in your enemies food?


The above god was called Kalaipahoa and was made from the Kalaipahoa tree that can be found on the island of Molokai. The tree is considered to be quite poisonous. Just a few shavings into your food could kill you. The Kalaipahoa seen here is a female.
When giving tours to the teens at the museum it never fails that some of the boys will start rolling thier eyes and yawning. The girls will have intelligent questions about things that I point out but very seldom will the boys.
When this happens I like to take them to look at the above poison god. There is nothing like a little murder and mayhem to get their attention. And of course they love the fact that the bones and teeth of someones enemies were put into a bowl to spit in.
The museum has something for everyone. But I donʻt always find something to keep the kids interest  as can be seen by the photo below.
These small children were watching their classmates below as I was talking about a display. I turned around and found I had lost my audience. They have a way of humbling me.