The Calm Before The Storm or Time For a Staycation.

It’s like dressing a wet sponge or steam ironing clothes in a pressure cooker. Everything sticks to you and nothing is light enough to wear without making beads of sweat drip into your maschera laden eyelashes. And poor, poor Max with his sheep dog fur has to lay in front of the fan to keep himself cooled down. The humidity is killer before a hurricane.


DSCN1240And Max keeps asking, “Is it a hurricane yet?

For several weeks now I’ve been saying “this feels like hurricane weather” as I pulled clothes away from my body.  Monday I went into the local Longs drugs to buy a tube of lipstick. As we entered the store I said to my friend, “Wow, there must be a great sale going on” as we tried to find a shopping cart to take in with us. Yeah, no I don’t pay attention to the news.

I thought to myself how people always rush down to Longs to take advantage of the sales on Monday after the Sunday paper adds come out.  The only thing I could see that was really on sale was cases of Spam! I don’t need anything here I thought as I wove my way through all the shopping carts and picked up my lipstick.

On my way to the car my friend said to me that it must be the hurricane. Why else would everyone be here? But it’s only supposed to be a tropical storm by the time it hits here. What’s the big deal? I said confidently to her.  And we both got into my car and drove off to the second-hand store to look for finds of great yarn.

Well the news paper boy cometh today and lo and behold TWO hurricanes are on their way to the islands. I’m back in Longs. Calling my daughter “do you want me to pick anything up for emergency? “Oh Ma” don’t worry were going to be fine, it’s only a tropical storm.” I hang up the phone and think, it’s just as well there was nothing on the shelves, well, except the very, very expensive bottled water.

P1000585I’m looking at this mornings paper and think well it’s going right over the Big Island first and if you look closely at the map on this paper you will see Oahu, where I live, is four islands to the left. OK so we are not the main target but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have major rains. I think about the leak in our front room in the ceiling between the first and second floor. When rains hit the North side of the outside wall it leaks in our living room. Oh well, mine is not to reason why etc.

P1000582So I go out in front this morning to take in the weather and I think, is this the calm before the storm? I go into the back yard and start putting all my potted plants where I hope they will be safe. I take down the hammock, take all the cushions off the garden chairs and turn the table upside down next to all the iron chairs that I’ve neatly laid on each other.

I tried to clean up all the leaves that will block the drainage in our yard that floods when it rains hard. I spread them around the other side of the yard to soak up excess water. (I hope) I’m  ready as far as things that could fly around the patio I’m praying. But as I’m sweating and dripping I’m thinking what if nothing happens and then I will have to be putting all of this back together after it is all over. Then I look over the yard and see how nice and clean and roomy it is and I wonder, will anyone notice if I just throw everything away after all is said and done? Nope, can’t go there. Oh well.

The storm is supposed to hit Hawaii (the Big Island) tomorrow night (Thursday) and then head on over to us by Saturday. All I ask is that the winds don’t get too bad here so our electricity does not go out. I’m planning on knitting, sewing and reading.

In other words, It’s a staycation for me.

Haleiwa Hawaii

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Double click photos for closer look

I promised Nico that I would take him to the beach. So we left Kunia and headed for Haleiwa on the North shore. The traffic was bad and I could not pull over to take photos so I just stuck my camera in the window as I drove along and snapped. This is us heading into Haleiwa town.

Nico kept watch on the weather out his side of the window on the right of the car. “Grandma it’s not raining on my side, it’s only raining on yours” he said with hopes that it would be clear when we arrived at the beach.

We passed the Golden arches of McDonald’s which was arch-less due to the towns prohibiting them from putting it up so that the fast food joint would not look out of style with the town. That was the only way they would allow the restaurant to open.

We passed the Market place where my favorite clothing store is, Silver Moon and Cholos a good place to have Mexican food. And the sun was still on Nico’s side of the car but just barely.

Then we arrived at the beach. The sun was shining above so Nico and I made it down to the Sand. I did not take my camera down there so use your imagination. I did not want to take the chance that I would get sand in it.

Now Nico was only to walk and collect shells on the beach so I did not bring him a change of cloths and towel. But he begged to just put his feet in the water. My reason for not wanting to take him into the water was, 10 years ago with my son;s boy, Alex we went to the beach when he was just a year old. The water was calm while we let the waves role up and lap around our feet. A rouge wave came up and I had no option but to life Alex up and while in my arms turn my back on the wave so as to not let it hit him in the face. It lifted us both up as I held on to him and just dropped us flat on my rear end. I’ve had a messed up back since then.

I am so afraid of it happening to me with Nico I just won’t take him in. I have to go to a beach where there is no wave action. But this beach does have waves. Well anyway. Nico decide to just jump in the air while we are wading and lands flat into the water and is now all wet.

So I had to let him play in the san in hopes that the sun would dry him off so we could go home. As luck would have it the cloud from my side of the car caught up with us and it rained.

Trudging up the beach with a very unhappy Nico, we headed for the car.

I took one last photo of the boat harbor before the clouds burst and off we went

As you can see my cloud connected with Nico’s cloud and this was the result.

I thought I would go down a road I had never gone down and It was quite nice in a country sort of way.
This was the view from the road.

And this was one of the houses on the raod. The only thing that would make Nico happy was to know that he was going to get a treat. I took him to Zippy’ in Wahiawa, bought him a cream puff and lunch. Of course Lunch was to be eaten first . This was implemented after much arguing.

And here is Nico in the restaurant happily waiting for his macaroni and Cheese while he colored. Thank goodness it rained on both sides of the car on the way home or I would have had him arguing to get back to the beach again.

The Pleiades Rises and Lono Arrives Update

Star Merope (23 Tau) in Pleiades (M45)

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Ku on the left and the Akua Loa (representation of the god Lono) is on the right

Lono is the god of the winter season and Ku is the god of summer. Ku will now be draped as it is not his time.

The winds are beginning to blow and the rain is coming down and storms are on the horizon. The rain that falls gives life to the plants, herbs and medicinal plants.These particular plants are a part of the god Lono who, among his other responsibilities is the God of Medicine.  In the winter sky the constellation Pleiades  has risen. Many different events have come together marking the beginning of the winter or Hoʻoilo.

In the distance traveling clockwise around the island of Hawaii, a 16 foot pole with a strip of white Kapa cloth can be seen. As it gets closer the carving of a human head sits at the top of the pole and long strips of yellow  feathers hang on the sides. In the middle of the pole can be seen the kaʻupu (albatross) hanging. The Kapa cloth, pole and image is the representation of the god Lono or what is called The Akua Loa.

The entourage of priest approach each of the ahupuaʻa (land divisions) to collect the offerings. The farmers with their best crops, people offering the best of what they have made, all greet the Akua Loa.

Once all of the offerings have been collected and deemed worthy ,the Makahiki games will begin. The kapu has gone out. There are to be no wars, work, or fishing. All the crops will have been picked and only hand work such as finishing gourds for containers or fishnets etc. will be done by the fires in the hales (huts)

Late October or November were the months when this took place. Many a warrior participated in the games of the season to show off their abilities. The games were such that would suit the soldier and show what his worth was.

I know that living here in Hawaii and having lived in San Francisco for the first 20 years of my life, I would say their is only one season on the island of Oahu. Hot, or sunny. Then of course there is the rain but itʻs still hot. I guess I consider it winter when I have to sleep with a heavy blanket on my bed. I really consider it a cold night when I donʻt kick the blanket off before morning.

In this type of climate you can just about say “let the games begin” any time of year. But for us at Bishop Museum it is a special time when we see the god Ku covered and the Akua Loa appear. It is a special event that the docents wait for. The visitors will have plenty of questions and we will enjoy talking about this time in ancient Hawaiian history


The Albatross (Kaʻupu) hang from the top of the pole

My aunt asked me to update this blog for those of you who may have never been to Hawaii. Yes it does get very cold on these islands. We do have a winter. That’s if you live on the big island of Hawaii. In fact it snows and people go skiing on the mountain of Mauna Kea. This is where all of the worlds observatories are.

The temperatures can drop down in to the 40’s during the day on that mountain. I’ve been on the Big Island when it has been in the low 60’s. It just depends on which side of the island you are on because the temperatures are very diverse.