At the Waipahu Festival Marketplace

The smell assaults you as you enter. Jonah in the belly of the whale must have endured the same smell. But I breath in deep. Not because I like the smell but because I’ve been told the smell will dissipate much faster. And it does.

There are no Farris wheels, games or fast rides at this festival. But the foods, vegetables and fruits are not what you ordinarily see in the store. And if you are a fish lover, you have come to the right place. The Waipahu Festival Marketplace.

Dragon Fruit and Apple Bananas

Taro tops ( this is dry land taro, the corm is what they use to make poi with)

The heart of the banana ( this hangs from the bottom of the banana stalk) I don’t know how it is cooked but it is quite popular amongst the Filipino community

These guys speak for them selves. Also the culprits that punch you in the olfactory.

And what would a festival be without treats?

And there are many, many more offerings where these came from

Here is the information if you want to  know how to get to the Waipahu Festival Market Place