Fight Over Genetically Modified Organisms Food Labeling – Video from KITV Honolulu

I’m enclosing a clip from our local news about how we are fighting to have our foods labeled to let people know if there are any GMO ingredients in the package. The Hawaiian people fought to keep Monsanto and University of Hawaii from trying to Change the Taro plant into a GMO (Genetically Modified) plant and the Hawaiians won. Thank goodness.

But right now Monsanto is paying off many, many people and feeding them false information about the foods being safe. So it has been a long hard fight to get any of the representatives or senators who are not receiving anything from Monsanto to introduce this bill.

So the Hawaiians who were involved in the fight to save their taro are back to help those of us trying to keep our food from being contaminated. So they brought their statue of Haloa. Legend has it that Haloa ( was born to two major gods. He was misshapen and died. When he was buried the Taro plant grew from him. His brother born after him took care of the plant and in turn the plant fed him and his family and all the nation of Hawaii.

So the taro plant is more than a plant it is family and treated with respect and honored. So with that background you can now take a look at the news clipping and understand a little more.

Hawaiian Activists Fight Over Genetically Modified Organisms Food Labeling – Video – KITV Honolulu.



It’s time to Roundup Monsanto

Kapiolani Park Waikiki Hawaii

I received this email today and thought it important enough to post it to my blog. As many of you may know I have not been happy about Monsanto moving their Frankenseed to Hawaii no less moving 3 blocks from my house as the crow flies. Their crafting genetically modified foods, I feel and have read, is causing many problems for farmers, animals and I am sure our health. If you would like to see a short video on just what Monsanto does please go to this site.


Dear Lovers of Kapiolani Park and All Our City Parks:

The other day I was walking through Kapiolani Park and I noticed the grass underneath many of the picnic tables and trees is yellow, much too evenly to be natural. I immediately called the Park Manager to confirm my fear: They have, indeed, sprayed Round Up , a herbicide,where kids play, where animals roam without warning anyone.
Round up is dangerous (please read below), and has been banned in more forward thinking cities and countries, and in most of Europe, for example. Round up is also bad for the trees and leaks into the water table and the ocean.

I urge everyone to call the Kapiolani Regional Park Manager voice your complaint. 971- 2510.

Me? I filed formal complaints with the Governor and the Mayor and our local Neighborhood Board put it on their agenda and I had an hour-long meeting with the Park Manager who claims that the herbicide cuts down on labor. Well, yes it does. But what is wrong with getting off that mower and using a weed whacker more often? I have walked the park informing parents, yoga groups, and picnic-ers. There are things worth preserving, things working this hard for. You can assume it was sprayed in all the other public parks as well instead of just lowering the grass growth naturally.

Thank you for calling!

WASHINGTON — The chemical at the heart of the planet’s most widely used herbicide — Roundup weed-killer, used in farms and gardens across the U.S. — is coming under more intense scrutiny following the release of a new report calling for a heightened regulatory response around its use.
Critics have argued for decades that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides, poses a serious threat to public health. Industry regulators, however, appear to have consistently overlooked their concerns. A comprehensive review of existing data released this month by Earth Open Source, an organization that wants to advance sustainable food production, shows that industry regulators have known for years that glyphosate causes birth defects and is linked with many leukemia’s.

Mary Lou Sanelli
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