The War of The Roses

Though full of thorns I love this rose. But it was dying  out in the front of the house with the hot sun drying up its flowers before it could finish its bloom. It is called “Aloha” and is a mighty hard plant to find aside from this one I found at the local hardware store.

Rose- flowers

The Aloha Rose

So I cut some stems from it and dipped them in “Rooting” and prayed. One stem actually took. So I had the plant itself and the one stem and put them in pots in the back yard. In time the plant picked up but the new stem died.

Last week I trimmed the rose back and thought I would try with another 2 stems. I once again dipped them in Rooting and stuck them back into the same pot. Oh what the heck I thought I’ll take a gamble. Within a couple of days leaves started popping!

Spectacular! I just might get another plant. Every morning I watered it and admired the little stems and the tiny leaves. This morning as I watered it, more leaves were popping from the one and the other was just starting to get a leaf. I was so happy.

I started my “Poop Patrol” with Caddie behind me. After cleaning up the messes in the yard from the dogs, I went back to take one last look at the roses. Only now their were no stems? What the heck? Caddie had disappeared.

I looked all around. One lonely stem laid on the dirt inside the pot. I looked desperately for the stem with all the leaves. Then Caddie appeared again. WHERE IS MY STEM I yelled at her. WHERE IS MY STEM?


Caddie giving me her sadist look

It’s not even 7AM and I’m going nuts. My daughter is telling me to calm down “the main rose is still alive” she said as though she was the voice of god. This only made me madder and I yelled “Can’t I even get upset?”

Caddie has eaten every single new sprout she can get her teeth into in my garden. I go out and water and there are bite marks on all the leaves in my yard. I knew it was her. But the Rose? I never thought she would touch it. Thorns!

She knew I was furious and she kept trying to come up to me to forgive her. But I couldn’t. I banished her to the house and I kept on looking. I went to the side of the house that I had fenced off from the dogs. And what did I see? No, not the stem but the make shift fence that all the dogs were afraid of was now plowed down. I KNEW who had done it. The smallest dog of all. Kylie. The one who jumped on the kitchen table, the one who jumped on the island and threw food down to the other dogs. She was nowhere to be seen. She was on the couch with her feet up in the air oblivious of me ranting and raving.


Kylie the Fearless. Ka Mea on the right was in the bed first but Kylie just pushed him aside and made herself comfortable. She is the smallest of the dogs but she pushes all the fences down, and goes where none of the other dogs will go. She would be a good candidate to send to outer space.

I fixed the fence and went back to hunting for the stem. But alas I had to give up. Caddie sat next to me with her big eyes begging to be forgiven and all I could do is look down at the pot and then down at my feet. I was standing on the stem and the little tiny shiny leaves were broke off next to it. I was heartbroken. But I picked up the stem in the pot and the one under my foot, once again, got the Rooting, stuck the stems in the powder and back into the pot. This is war! I put up a fence around the pot, watered the plant, chased Max away from the plant as he tried to reach the leaves and headed back into the house to take Nico to school.

A rose by any other name will never be called Caddie!