Cooking from the garden


I’m watching Venetia in Tokyo.  I love this program. Actually it is Venetia at home. Today she is showing how to cook lemon verbena chicken now I need to go by the

I’ve been so busy knitting and sewing that I have totally neglected the garden but this is a good push for me
First she cooks the chicken skinless inside of a wok filled with two bars of butter. I can’t remember what you call that. 
First she cooks the chicken skinless inside of a wok filled with two bars of butter. Can’t remember what you call that,anyway, she coats the chicken with salt and pepper and flour and puts it into the wok and cooks it until its Golden brown on both sides. After it’s cooked she empties the butter out of the pan and then put in some lemon juice and lemon verbena covers it and lets steam for about a minute and that’s it I have got to go get the lemon,a wok and lemon balm.

  So what has been happening with my family. I went to a hula competition that my children were in well two of my grandchildren.

The photo above was taken at the Hula Oni e. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you might have seen other photos of them. Well they’re growing up pretty quick. 

The competition is so beautiful but my favorite part is when they dance the Kahiko. These are the old historical dances. 

The above photo is my grandsons he is second to the left. They took first place in their division. 

NowI’m getting ready for Halloween and I’m starting on some Allen Dart patterns. These are little hamsters dressed up for Halloween I’ve got two done and three to go.  



One comment on “Cooking from the garden

  1. Wow! You have been busy…love the photos as always. Your knitting projects are adorable! Peace.


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