Breaking the rules and chasing Rainbows at Waimea Bay


Itʻs just a trunk, but, what a trunk

I Arrived early at Waimea Beach. I was meeting my son with his friends and family. They had not arrived yet and as I waited I was stunned by the beauty that surrounded me. I asked myself the same question I always ask myself. Why, when all of this breath-taking scenery abounds around me, do I stay home?

P1000835The early hour with the sight of the clouds and the soothing action of the ocean just make me smile. Sorry I donʻt remember what that tower was for. It might even be part of a church. If you click on the photo it will bring the cross into view.

I’m so looking forward to finely getting some sun. It seemed like summer was never going to get here and so with my family we trek down to the other side of the beach opposite of this scene.

IMG_3016My grandson, Laʻakea on the left and his friend Cody. Both very bright young boys but somehow have problems reading. More about this later.

They both want to trek back to where we were (where I took the photo.) My son says Why didn’t you say that’s where you wanted to swim. (there all settled in with blankets down and radio playing and digging into the snacks.) The boys say it is too rough and they can’t catch waves.

P1000841This, they say is too rough.

So I volunteer to follow them to where they want to go on the condition that they bring a chair for me. They gladly pick up one of the chairs and back down the beach we go.

IMG_2960They have a ball as the smaller waves come in

IMG_3012Then the bigger waves start to come in

IMG_3015And soon they disappear into the waves. Waimea can get pretty rough and as tough as these boys are I started to worry after twenty minutes and so back down the beach we trekked again. Now it is starting to rain and I still have not taken off my jacket and  wrap.

IMG_2968But as we walk back I’m seeing Rainbows. It’s as if the ocean is saying “Hey, I’m much more than the sun!”

IMG_2363And when we get back to the gang this is what greets me. All wrapped up in my clothes over my bathing suit I sit and give thanks for all of this. Nice and calm you say, the boys can swim there.

IMG_3013The boys it seems didn’t want calm. This is where the problematic reading comes in. Can you see to the right the stretched out body diving into the water? That’s my grandson’s friend. This is what they have been waiting for. The right waves to jump into off of the rock.

IMG_3014It appears that my grandson and Cody are not the only ones who can not read.

IMG_1500Ah to be young again and have thick skin and I would add a thick skull to jump off that rock with. I never did take off my get-up, but I had the most wonderful day with Laʻakea and how can I complain when I’ve been gifted rainbows.



11 comments on “Breaking the rules and chasing Rainbows at Waimea Bay

  1. To be young again???? No …not that young….


    • Thank you Mary Ann. I never thought I would belonging for youth. You just think you’re always going to be young and then one day you get out of bed and you can barely walk what the heck?

      And of course thank you for dropping by. be longing for youth. You just think you’re always going to be young and then one day you get out of bed and you can barely walk what the heck?

      And of course thank you for dropping by.


  2. Jodie Gracey says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your “story” and photos, especially the beach, rocks and rainbow one.


  3. docrickets says:

    WOW – Great Photo



  4. eliveleth2013 says:

    What a wonderful time it is to spend with family. And to be blessed with those beautiful waves and a rainbow! Priceless. Love you and your family, Honey! Hugs and kisses, Aunt Velta


  5. Haunani says:

    Your photos are so beautiful and your story a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing!


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