What am I doing?

Sorry it seems so confusing today with my post. After going on Weebly and trying their site I decided to just go back to WordPress and pay for the upgrade. So I copied the Weebly post and put it on here. Now to keep up with my blogging to make it all worth the cost. Hmmm


Photo 16


8 comments on “What am I doing?

  1. Sartenada says:

    I have already thought in advance what to do when I have used 3 GB. No problem. I will start to use Flickr and then link my photos from there.

    Flickr offers 1,000GB of free photo storage. Therefore, it never ends!


  2. The weebly looked good, but so does the WP, and here it is easier to stay in touch..


  3. Its a shame that it didn’t work out, having to upgrade would be a pain and extremely frustrating.


    • You say they have never said you have gone beyond your limit in photos and yet you post a lot too. I know now I will have to pay storage every year even if I don’t use all the storage I payed for the previous year. That bothers me.

      I will just have to make sure I use all my allowed space. Maybe I will keep working on the weebly site and then make up my mind as to what to do. Thank you for your input.

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