A Christmas Visitor

7 comments on “A Christmas Visitor

  1. dunelight says:

    Hunted, with a knife no less. So many of our ‘hunters’ set bait out for the deer and then shoot them with a semi-automatic. No sport in that.

    I had ‘liked’ this post earlier but signed back in to ask what you were going to do with the Octopus you were holding in your thumbnail photo. I assume cook them up tasty. How? Thanks!


    • This photo was taken I believe on New Year’s day and it was the first open season for fishing after a long hiatus. And all of these fishermen were coming back with all different kinds of catches and I saw the squid and I went up to the guy who caught it and asked “can I take a picture of it”and so he held it up and his friend said no let her hold it! so I bravely took a hold of it and held it up for the picture but no I did not take it home to cook myself, sorry.

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  2. That was a different Rudolph. Happy New Year Karen!


  3. Annelies says:

    Love your story!


  4. That is a different type of visitor and I’ve never heard of them being so brazen but hunger can force these creatures to do whatever it takes.


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