A Tutu By Any other Name is Definitely Not A Tutu (Grandma)

It’s Friday. So I must be at the museum. When I open the door to the atrium to enter what is usually an empty area, I am surprised by a room full of people. Blocking the door on the other side of the room is Emily, a docent my age, holding a beautiful little baby. Cameras are flashing, and the room is abuzz as she stands for this photo opp.

Hmmm, what is going on I’m thinking as I try to figure out how I’m going to go through this swarm of people. From across the room on the other side near the other entrance are some of the employees I work with. They are dressed ready to do a special performance for the honoree. One of them frantically waves me towards her signalling me to go through the entrance in back of them.

Quickly I snake my way through and pass her and then as I pass the other employee behind her he whispers to me “Bishop Tutu.”I nod and go past  quickly. As I enter the hall I’m perplexed. “Are they designating Emily the Tutu (Grandmother) of Bishop Museum?” She volunteers as a docent she serves on boards and is always available for anything they need her for. And she is a grandmother. So why not?

Getting to the front of the hall I see another employee, Bill, standing out front re-routing people and asking them to please understand that for about 10 more minutes the back atrium is blocked and the museum will then once again be open.

Wow, all this to name someone Tutu of the museum? “Why are you re-routing everyone, why aren’t we (all the docents) allowed back there? What’s the big deal about a tutu? Just then one of the more senior people of the museum came by and said, “Did you get to see Desmond Tutu?

“Desmond Tutu?” Where is he? I saw Emily getting her photo taken but didn’t know he was here. So I was taken to the back where all the upper echelon of the museum milled around, and there sat Desmond Tutu. What a trill to actually see the man. It was more exciting to me then the time I gave Senator Inouye a tour of the museum.

Desmond Tutu served 6 years as Chair for an organization known as the “Elders”, a group formed to use their  influence to support peace building. He was here to take part in a series of ongoing visits for the “Pillars of Peace Hawaii,” a Hawaiian organization  formed to inspire people to compassion, cultivate justice and diversity in our society.

Along with Desmond Tutu at the museum was Gro Harlem Brundtland. She was the first woman Prime Minister of Norway and serves as Deputy Chair of The Elders. Also attending was Hina Jilani a renowned lawyer and pro-democracy campaigner. She is a leading activist in Pakistan’s women’s movement. She has dedicated her life to fight for human rights around the world.

And as for the “Bishop Tutu?” Well it certainly wasn’t Emily though it was her grandson who Desmond Tutu was enthralled with. Hence the Kodak moments. But Bishop Tutu it was. He was the Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize  in 1984 for his work in the struggle against apartheid.


Desmond Tutu. I am not sure if the woman behind him was one of his daughters.

Well you know I wasn’t exactly introduced to him.

ImageSeated to the right of Desmond Tutu are, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Hina Jilani

And no I am not in the photo but just as happy to be able to have taken it.

3 comments on “A Tutu By Any other Name is Definitely Not A Tutu (Grandma)

  1. docrickets says:

    Hey, Tutu!

    Listening to books on aubile.com to see if I notice a difference in the comprehension of detail? Would the story-line be better enjoyed? Would the attention increase or decrease? This is just a start of my own research, which will not go into detail or in-depth. I just want to see which I prefer?

    First thing I noticed, I fall to sleep easier. Listening to a book, forces you to stare at some object or close your eyes to maintain strict attention. I fall into a relaxed state, then drift into a sleep. So once asleep the attention decreases. The narrators voice can lull you to sleep.

    I find when I am walking with Sidney, I listen best, but there are times she wanders further away without my noticing. This causes a distraction if she is in the bushes lizard hunting. I walk her off leash, allowing her to perform her doggie duties, shit and piss.

    I am finding I hear the detail, the heighten points of the plot better. This is due to the readers ability to emphasize those plot points.

    My enjoyment of authors that I may not have enjoyed when reading their work, is enjoyed more when listening to their work. Of course, the narrator will play apart in retaining ones attention and adding to the listeners enjoyment.

    My two cents.



    • So Don, what you have to do to keep yourself from falling asleep is to take up knitting or better for you, take a long drive. I love to listen to things when knitting.

      Maybe that is not the solution for you. But I can tell you I too fall asleep if I don’t have something to do while listening. So I water the plants, cook, do house work or most preferably is to knit. My two cents.


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