No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Since messing my knees up years back it seems to get harder to walk the dogs. While cleaning the front yard the dogs looked longingly at me either through the gate or the front screen door.

IMG_1856Cadie sits and watches me through the screen. It breaks my heart when the dogs want to come out.

Well today as I moved furniture and cut plants with Cadie watching me from one door and Max watching from the gate I decided to let them both come in front with me.

Watching Max closely as he likes to sneak away to the park I started to cut one of our over grown trees. Snipping away and clearing under the branches I could see Max resting on the porch taking it easy. The I looked down and saw Cadie sniffing away at all the branches. I quickly shooed her away as she started to eat them.

Finely I finished cutting and started to sweep. I looked over at Cadie and she kind of looked red. When I came closer I noticed her eyes were swollen and her mouth and head were turning scarlet.

IMG_2336She wouldn’t sit up for a photo.

I gave her a couple of Benadryl and the redness went down But now her face is swollen and she looks more like a Sharpe then A boxer.

So her little freedom has been cut short and now we are off to the vets. IMG_2347I’ve long since forgotten the name of the tree but this is what it looks like in case you have one and want to keep your dog away from it.



2 comments on “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

  1. Poor Cadie, how is she doing? I hope that the swelling has gone down and that she is better now. We call that tree a Geisha Girl and it is very popular in Queensland, I didn’t know that it was poisonous so thank you for sharing Cadie’s experience.


    • Cadie is still full of hives and it has been over 12 hours. The vet seems to think that it is a bee sting just because of the sever reaction she is having. Her hives were so huge this evening that I gave her half of her medicine early. I have another 2 hours to go before I can give her the whole thing. I hate seeing her like this but she has her appetite and she still follows me around and visits the upstairs bedrooms to check on the rest of the members of the house.


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