Julio Took a Detour Down By the School Yard

Just a quick blog to update everyone. The morning that Hurricane Isselle was supposed to hit I let the dogs out into the yard. I upturned my patio furniture, set out my coffee and a piece of pie and sat down to read. The birds were singing, the sun was shining and I can honestly say everything was alright in my world. It was a non event here on Oahu and I’m very thankful for that.

It wasn’t that good on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii as there was a lot of damage done but no fatalities and Hawaiian Electric has been working hard to get the power back on for a few thousand people who are still left without it. Yes some houses were destroyed but not anything like what we have seen take place with other hurricanes.

I’m happy I was spared the “dog around.” I did not have to put up with all the dogs trying to sleep as close to me as possible. The only sad thing for me during this whole experience is that my nemesis, the bamboo in our yard did not get blown down. I will have to continue to chop it down by hand which is like taking sand off the beach one grain at a time.

I may kid but I’m thankful. I did have a deep down worry but hoped for the best and the best happened for us. I am sorry for those who lost so much but thankful that all lives have been spared.

As for Julio, the following hurricane. I totally forgot about him and thankfully he forgot about all of use. I guess like the song said, Julio is down by the school yard.


2 comments on “Julio Took a Detour Down By the School Yard

  1. eliveleth2013 says:

    So happy that you are alright and that no one lost their life. Praise God for that!


  2. So glad that you are safe and sound, the doggies too!


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