The Calm Before The Storm or Time For a Staycation.

It’s like dressing a wet sponge or steam ironing clothes in a pressure cooker. Everything sticks to you and nothing is light enough to wear without making beads of sweat drip into your maschera laden eyelashes. And poor, poor Max with his sheep dog fur has to lay in front of the fan to keep himself cooled down. The humidity is killer before a hurricane.


DSCN1240And Max keeps asking, “Is it a hurricane yet?

For several weeks now I’ve been saying “this feels like hurricane weather” as I pulled clothes away from my body.  Monday I went into the local Longs drugs to buy a tube of lipstick. As we entered the store I said to my friend, “Wow, there must be a great sale going on” as we tried to find a shopping cart to take in with us. Yeah, no I don’t pay attention to the news.

I thought to myself how people always rush down to Longs to take advantage of the sales on Monday after the Sunday paper adds come out.  The only thing I could see that was really on sale was cases of Spam! I don’t need anything here I thought as I wove my way through all the shopping carts and picked up my lipstick.

On my way to the car my friend said to me that it must be the hurricane. Why else would everyone be here? But it’s only supposed to be a tropical storm by the time it hits here. What’s the big deal? I said confidently to her.  And we both got into my car and drove off to the second-hand store to look for finds of great yarn.

Well the news paper boy cometh today and lo and behold TWO hurricanes are on their way to the islands. I’m back in Longs. Calling my daughter “do you want me to pick anything up for emergency? “Oh Ma” don’t worry were going to be fine, it’s only a tropical storm.” I hang up the phone and think, it’s just as well there was nothing on the shelves, well, except the very, very expensive bottled water.

P1000585I’m looking at this mornings paper and think well it’s going right over the Big Island first and if you look closely at the map on this paper you will see Oahu, where I live, is four islands to the left. OK so we are not the main target but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have major rains. I think about the leak in our front room in the ceiling between the first and second floor. When rains hit the North side of the outside wall it leaks in our living room. Oh well, mine is not to reason why etc.

P1000582So I go out in front this morning to take in the weather and I think, is this the calm before the storm? I go into the back yard and start putting all my potted plants where I hope they will be safe. I take down the hammock, take all the cushions off the garden chairs and turn the table upside down next to all the iron chairs that I’ve neatly laid on each other.

I tried to clean up all the leaves that will block the drainage in our yard that floods when it rains hard. I spread them around the other side of the yard to soak up excess water. (I hope) I’m  ready as far as things that could fly around the patio I’m praying. But as I’m sweating and dripping I’m thinking what if nothing happens and then I will have to be putting all of this back together after it is all over. Then I look over the yard and see how nice and clean and roomy it is and I wonder, will anyone notice if I just throw everything away after all is said and done? Nope, can’t go there. Oh well.

The storm is supposed to hit Hawaii (the Big Island) tomorrow night (Thursday) and then head on over to us by Saturday. All I ask is that the winds don’t get too bad here so our electricity does not go out. I’m planning on knitting, sewing and reading.

In other words, It’s a staycation for me.


7 comments on “The Calm Before The Storm or Time For a Staycation.

  1. Mary Ann Gless says:

    Hope all is well for you after your two ….storm- hurricane ….it is never easy anticipating these threats just waiting for them to start and hoping for a speedy finish. When Sandy hit us on Long Island it was a bad one. My Son and family are back in their house finally after a year plus living in a trailer on what used to be their front lawn.

    Hope your roof held up….we had to put a new one on last year…delayed Sandy stuff. Don’t forget to up date us ….thinking of you and My Oahu….Aloha. MaryAnn


    • Thank you Mary Ann, as you can see by my blog all was well here. The hurricane season is not over yet and as you well know anything can happen. I’m sorry to hear how badly you were affected by Sandy. Yes that was an awful hit. But I’m very happy that you and yours are doing well today. Thank you so much for your post and for dropping by.


  2. Be safe, Honey! Good for you for staying in. Have a great time knitting! Love you! Aunt Velta


  3. Thanks for the info..Stay safe! Our daughter and family are heading over to Maui on Tues. Hoping this Hurricane gets downgraded and stays a tropical storm, although I know those can be pretty bad as well.


    • Hi Linda, the latest news is it’s definitely a hurricane that will hit the big island and Maui will be affected by a tropical storm. If the storm is as bad as they are preparing for it could bring things to a stand still even on Maui.

      When Iniki hit the island of Kauai years back I was on the island of Hawaii which is the furthest island from Kauai. Flights in and out of Kona were halted even though we did not get hit anywhere near what happened on Kauai. We had to stay on the big island for a few more days. Of course I was with a bunch of tour agents and we partied the whole time.

      The Hurricane that is expected to hit the big island is not expected to be as bad as Iniki was so maybe your daughter will not have any problems flying in. But remember after Iselle hits we will then have to put up with Julio, which now is not as bad as it was thought to be. But of course it could turn on a dime.

      Thank you for your good wishes and I am hoping all will be well too. I hope your daughter manages to get to Maui and have a grand time.


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