The sky is bright blue. The birds are singing from morning to sunset and I am surrounded by a blanket of blue to swim in. And yet I’m at home.

Well thanks to my knitting group I made it, yet again, out of my hideaway and to my favorite side of the island, Haleiwa. My neighbor, Linda, had barely parked the car before I was jumping out and fumbling in my purse for my camera.

Oh my god, it was gorgeous out. The sun was starting to set, it was as warm as a sweater and I was ecstatic. Smiling, and rushing to take photos before the color was gone I had forgotten that I wasn’t out here for my own benefit but I was out here to have one last dinner with a member of our knitting group whose husband was being transferred to Texas.

Loss, once again a member of our group is leaving us and taking a piece of our heart. It seems that we just get to really feel comfortable, look forward to talking to and relying upon their knowledge at group, when all of a sudden they are gone.

And so here I am out on the North Shore so happy to be here and so sad to say good-by





Finely we make it into the restaurant. This is our view. What is wrong with me. What am I thinking? Staying home? Looking at this? Staying home? Looking at this. No brainer right? But I must be crazy as I stay home. But I took photos and they make me feel guilty to look at them, yet they may spear me on to do this again.



Here is a few of our knitting group. Lisa, the one who is leaving is sitting on the end with the leis around her neck. I’m sitting next to her, Linda ,my neighbor is next to me and across from us, closest, Kim who is always knitting, Sara and Jennifer. You can see the pink of the sunset is reflecting on our table. The glow is making me feel so good inside.

P1000175On the inside looking out. I must return. I think I can, I think I can

P1000194And as the sun sinks slowly into the sunset

P1000193Everyone rushes to get that one last photo

P1000186To be able to share this with someone would make it even more special. But we say good-day to the sun, thank you for always being there. Our food arrives and we get on to a most enjoyable dinner.P1000192Yes, I must be crazy but not for long. Good night Jameson’s by the sea. I’ll be back to get another dose of sanity.









  1. Amazing sunset! Great shots Karen 🙂 It is worth leaving home to see such a sight although I completely understand the desire to stay at home. As work gets busier and the demand for my attention grows I’ve become a bit of a homebody and enjoy the peace it gives me.


  2. MaryAnn says:

    Karen my favorite place Jameson’s by the sea..thank you for that sunset….I miss it so. MaryAnn


    • You know Maryann this summer has been such a nice warm, full of sunsets, type summer. Now that I’ve been out at Jameson’s at sunset I will have to do it again soon. I think I will put it out there to the Knitting group. Now where are you? Washington? you need to spend a sunset at Jameson’s too. Care to join us? Karen


      • MaryAnn says:

        Hi Karen…My husband and I live In Long Island, NY

        We had a condo for 21 years in Waikiki at island colony… was our vacation spot and love for all that time.

        In our 70’s now the trip got too much…and sadly we sold our apartment and have not visited our Hawaii for a few years now.

        I came across your blog quite by accident one day and so happy to see you sharing Hawaii and yourself with all.
        So typical of the Aloha we got to know and love in our many trips to rainbow land.
        Hawaii and it’s sunrises and sunsets have healed me in so many ways I cannot mention them all…it would take me much to long…they helped me through some of the roughest times people on this planet are made to go through.
        I just finished the novel Hawaii….it was on my list of things to do…it is a wonderful novel……you live in a beautiful place and I share a little bit of your world with you each time you blog.

        Thank you for that
        Aloha MaryAnn


        • MARIANNE thank you so much for sharing that information with me. Island colony is just perfect for overlooking the sunsets I have been to those condos a few times and they’re just lovely. I also enjoy going to the Hau Tree Lanai. That is also a wonderful place to sit and watch Hawaii go by and I’m sure you visited there many times. Thank you for your comments.

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  3. Haunani says:

    Love Jameson’s by the Sea, such a great spot for a sunset supper. Thank you for sharing your spectacular photographs! They can make the soul sing.


  4. Annelies says:

    Wish I was there! It’s paradise 🙂


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