Where’s Karen

Not having posted in so long I’m not even sure anyone is reading this blog anymore. My knitting needles have been clicking in my hands, my garden has entangled me in weeds and life has somehow stolen away many hours from me.

raggedy AnnShe takes me over 50 hours to knit

I’ve not gone out to do much photography and if you have followed my blog for any length of time you may know how I fight with myself to leave the house.

I’ve been managing to get to the museum to do my tours. I’ve met with one of my knitting groups regularly, in part because I am allowed to take Cadie with me as it is pet friendly but other than that it is rare that I step out.

IMG_1928Because Cadie wears her glasses she is allowed into Green World Farms. She looks more like a person that way.

I’ve taken many a trip while sitting in my chair knitting or laying in my bed trying to work up the energy to go and do something that has been on my mind but as you can see by my empty pages I’ve not made it past the caverns of my mind.

I’m still trying to work out just how to get myself going and posting. I need to get back that curiosity and desire. If you have any suggestions they would be more than welcome. Of course I don’t guarantee I will act on them but I will certainly entertain them as I clack away at my needles.

So, when all is said and done? You will find me at home for now. I’ll try to un-glue myself. I think I can, I think I can.


10 comments on “Where’s Karen

  1. You know I love your blog!!!


  2. Haunani says:

    I happened on to your blog by accident one day last year and have been coming back to it ever since. I still check for new entries and thoroughly enjoy your archives. Your photographs, the variety of topics and your passion for your animal companions and other causes were a wonderful escape for me to read and helped me through some difficult times. So continue to enjoy what you are doing, when the time is right inspiration and motivation will make their appearance I am sure. Until then, thank you for your postings and take care.


    • Thank you so much Haunani that is wonderful I feel so good about that. I’m getting ready to do some more blogging but just a little bit of personal stuff I’m still trying to work up to researching some of the other things I want to put in. But I just want to thank you for such wonderful words


  3. megtraveling says:

    It sounds like you’re keeping busy – that doll is really cute!


  4. Dan Brown says:

    No pressure, Karen — just get going when the spirit moves you. We all enjoy your blogs. I learn a lot from them and they help me to revisit my own kid days on Oahu. Thanks for what you do!


  5. Maria Olipas says:

    I’m here! I enjoy your blogs!


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