Time to give up Driving


Just leave me in a coffee shop and come back and get me at the end of the day. I’ll be safer that way

I came out of the store this morning and walked to my car. It wasn’t there! Did I park it in that spot? Clicking the panic button didn’t get me any reaction. I’m getting so old I thought I might have parked it somewhere else. But my mind insisted, no it was on the store side of the parking. Click, click, click. But no alarm sounded back.

I went into the restaurant that fronted the parking to ask the young man in there if he saw anyone fussing with a black ford. He responded with caring concern and walked out to the parking space. All the time I kept thinking, my computer is in the trunk. What is Chris going to do if I lose her car.

The young man patiently walked up and down also pressing the panic button and then the lock button but nothing. “Calm down, keep your cool and just keep looking,” I chanted to myself. But nowhere in site. Then the young man said to me “are you sure you parked it next to such and such store?”

I looked at the store next to where I parked my car and lo and behold the store had changed places with the one I had parked in front of.  I walked down to the store my car was parked in front of and yes, luckily when they changed the store they had changed my parking too. There sat the car. The bane of my existence. Crummy radio and all.

I think my driving days are numbered.


3 comments on “Time to give up Driving

  1. I gave up driving a couple of years ago. I was making errors in judgment and figured that I would quit before it became a real problem. It was hard, but I don’t go out much anymore so it is not a problem. I have Joe, Fran and Robyn when I need them to drive me.
    I feel your frustration.


  2. Don says:

    Don’t feel bad, I do the same thing and I am younger than you. Or am I? I forgot?


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