Four Equals One

My kids were up all night packing. When they left with tents, three mountain bikes and food a part of me went with them. Cadie.

Photo on 2013-01-12 at 13.20 #3

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you might know how I feel about my four dogs. I should say the family dogs but they sleep with me, eat what I put down for them and gather around me when ever I sit out in the patio. Do you see how Cadie  in the above photo is looking at me so admiringly? That is how she looks at me all day long as she follows me from room to room. She is a White Boxer

When ever I leave the house she shakes like a leaf when I leave her behind. Consequently I have a very hard time leaving to go anywhere because it breaks my heart that I have to leave them behind.


Now if Cadie could only behave like this when I leave I might not have told the kids to take her camping with them. I needed a “heart-break.” I am going to a knitting lesson tonight and I know I will be gone for many hours and the thought of leaving her home locked up just tears me to pieces.

So off she went without so much as a good-by as my son-in-law whisked her away with his quiet departure. I quickly pushed down the emerging sadness as I thought “I didn’t even get to hug her.” But I said to myself “be happy you won’t have to feel guilty when you leave tonight.”


IMG_0766Now this is Ka Mea. A Pit Bull.  And this is how he appears in the morning when he greets my daughter and I. He actually talks to us in long sing-song sounds. He is a happy little guy and when I leave he is just fine. He goes to his crate and settles in like a clam. No problem. He is Caddie’s pal and partner in crime if someone forgets to lock them up before they leave the house.

Many a time I’ve come home to my books and Nico’s books torn from the shelves and totally chewed up. I used to leave them in the yard until one day I came home to a snow storm. They had torn open all my yard furniture pillows and both sat at the sliding door looking at me with grins on their faces.

6689_1168430500950_1533576266_448836_2596211_nThis is what Max looked like when my kids first rescued him from the Humane society. He is a Polish Low Land Sheep Dog.His tail never lifted for the longest time and he walked sadly next to me when I took him out. But at least he was easy to walk.

DSC_0067_2This is “Mad” Max now. When we go for walks he pulls me down the street and his tale looks like Captain Feather Swords, sword. As Cadie and Max go whizzing by him he growls and grumbles. He pushes to be the first out to the yard. He barks at everything and everyone as they go by or don’t go by. He just loves to grumble. Cadie and he both stalk me. I have to make sure that I don’t give Max more attention then Cadie or it results in a big fight.

See that long mustache. That was Ka Mea’s playground when He was a pup. He pulled every bit of it off hanging off Max’s mouth. And Max never bit him.


And last but not least is Kylie.

Kylie is part Beagle and part Basset Hound. She she is a rescue also and really could be part anything. We were told of her wonderful virtues  when we decided to get her. She was housebroken (but not when it rains we found out. She pees on any and every area rug she can find) She doesn’t shed (when she is standing still) and she is a picky eater (If they meant picky as to what spot she is going to pick like the counter in the kitchen where she throws anything she can find down to the other dogs and then helps herself to the better foods. And we still can’t figure it out as to how she gets her short little legs up there as she is no higher than two feet.)


And Kylie and Ka Mea were best buds. UNTIL… Cadie. This brings me back to the beginning. Cadie became the toy hog, the pillow hog, and the dog hog. Ka Mea being the youngest loves to play and so does Cadie and Kylie. But Cadie won’t let Kylie play. I guess you can say she is the school yard bully. So Kylie has devised a way to get even with Ka Mea for dropping their friend ship.

When Ka Mea is all snugly in his crate rolled up into his pillow and Cadie is no where around. Kylie will stand in front of the cage and lean down on her two front paws in play position and bark a come out and play bark. Inevitably, Ka Mea will get out of the cage and prance and do his happy dance and Kylie will quickly go around him and run into Ka Mea’s cage and lay down on his pillow and go to sleep.

So those are the four. One is now camping and as I go into the house the three are not the same. Mea has been pacing and Max doesn’t seem to care that I’m not with him and Kylie? well she’s just Kylie. But as for me, how in the world did I ever think it would be a break for me if she went overnight with the kids? Three is not better than four. Would 3 limbs be better than four? Would  Three of my grand kids be better than the four? For that fact would 3 Hagen Daz Bars be better than a whole quart? Wait that’s not supposed to be on my mind.

No, I want my arms and legs in total. I want all my family together and without Cadie my pack is not complete. Oh well she will be home tomorrow.

And if you would like to see where the kids are dirt biking tonight here is a link to Kualoa Ranch.






10 comments on “Four Equals One

  1. docrickets says:

    I have yet to meet a person who I like more than a dog. Dogs provide unconditional love, service and mental support. Service dogs provide all that and more for the handler. Too bad people look down on dog owners.

    Have you ever met a dog who shut down an entire government to make a statement that is stupid? Then again nor has a horse. But currently we have a majority speaker who resembles the back end of a horse.


  2. megtraveling says:

    What a great group of doggie pals you have!


  3. MaryAnn says:

    Ahhh…..separation anxiety….a very natural feeling….for sure…😂


  4. So many adorable dogs, they are like sunshine in your life, even I you have a lot of sunshine. Mine is more of a bandit, but of course adroable too….


    • I’m sort of sad and feeling I should not have sent her now that it is bed time and the other three have gathered around me. Her spot is empty and so is a bit of my heat. She will be home soon enough though. Thanks for dropping by.


      • eliveleth2013 says:

        Your dogs are so cute! Every dog has a unique personality, don’t they! I love our two. Shadow is 12 and Muffin is almost 2. He is a Jack Russel mix and she is Cocker Spaniel mix. Two more different dogs you will not find. She is just the sweetest dog I have ever seen. She runs and gets one of her toys everytime one of her “people” come home.and brings it to them. She has to be with people all the time. Shadow likes to be around people sometimes and likes his back end scratched, but he likes being in the yard more. Now that he is getting old, he spends a lot of time in the places he likes to be (in his bed in the living room, on his pillow in either Fran’s room or Robyn’s or under my bed). He is losing his hearing and doesn’t come when called unless you are loud (good thing that isn’t a problem for our family hee hee). He used to jump two feet high when he greeted you, now that he is getting old, he puts his paws on your knees. We are all getting old and find that the things we did when we were younger and not so much fun anymore and darn near impossible to do. Love your blogs! Hugs and kisses, Aunt Velta


        • Max to have slowed down somewhat but the thought of any of them getting old really does bother me I thought with four dogs when I lose one I can be comforted but I know now having let Cadie go to the camping that I lose one,I lose one! I miss her and if one of them were to die I will miss that one just as bad as if it was my only dog.

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