On Getting My Sewing Room Back

On Getting My Sewing Room Back

When the upstairs apartment’s broken, leaking, water heater flooded into my Ex-husbands apartment they had to all but move out.

They were not the only ones who lost their space. Our garage became home to some of their belongings.

Shoes began to pile in corners, boxes began to pile on my sewing counter. The laundry area became an obstetrical course and the dogs lost their lounging area.

I bought a new bed and my old one sat right in the middle of my sewing area having no place else to put it for the time being.

When overflow encumbered me I fretted. How can I possibly sew anything?

Well, if life gives you an overstuffed sewing room then knit dolls. And so I did.


I knitted Nico a snake and two snakes for the little boys next door.

Photo on 2013-04-17 at 14.21I’ve been feverishly working on a shawl with crystals placed strategically to look like the constellations of the northern Hemisphere. But I’m afraid mine is going to look like “The Forbidden Planet.” We’ll see :-) There were many projects I finished up and I felt quite good about it.

At last the day has arrived and my ex is back to clear the garage. After being out of their town house for 6 months all repairs have been finished up and they have come to get their belongings.

I cleaned off my counter in my sewing area, dusted and put odds and ends away and before my very eyes appeared a clear path to my sewing machine. I can finely sew at last. Well with one minor exception. My old bed is now gone but in its place is the mattress to my grandsons old bunk bed.

IMG_1174You can just see part of the mattress on the right hand side. My comfy chair to the left, where I sit and many a time recline and just about fall asleep to the sound of a British Mystery, is waiting. But that’s not the problem. Now that I have my sewing area back I really don’t have an excuse to knit all day and I do have to start sewing. My problem  is, if I go out there to sew, load up a mystery DVD on my computer to watch, how will I keep myself from laying the mattress down and taking a long snooze. Hmmm maybe a crowded garage was not so bad after all.

7 comments on “On Getting My Sewing Room Back

  1. It is great to have a space for hobbies, have you started sewing yet? I have an ‘art room’, it was going to be the room I could paint and draw in but instead it has been used for storing some artwork and lots of washing that has to be ironed 🙂


    • You must start painting in your room. Do something that draws you in there. I have the hardest time going out to the garage to sew because I would rather be in the house but their is no room for all my things. I have found by taking my computer out there and listening to some programs or watching a mystery helps me to feel comfortable and then I will stay out there the whole day. You have to make it strictly “art.” once you start storing in it you will find you don’t want to use it at all. That is going on in mine right now. There is so much stuff “dumped” in there while the garage is getting back in order I don’t want to sew.


  2. eliveleth2013 says:

    It is wonderful to have a place dedicated to sewing. Our bedroom has become my bedroom/sewing room/office/. I moved the bed over close to the other side of the room as I can without blocking the bathroom door. Joe complains that I am crowding him out. hee hee We do not have TV anymore so sometimes in the evening Joe moves the chair that is sitting in front of the closet and we watch a movie on Netflix on my computer. This works out well as I do not venture too far from my room, only occasionally going to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or something to eat. It is pretty crowded, but it works for me. Glad you have your sewing room back.


  3. alexia says:

    good girl Karen your so multitask wonderful !


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