Dogs and their “Pets”


DSCN0407Ka Mea the pit bull and Kylie the poi dog share the crate


Today, Cadie had  been sniffing, and sniffing at the cage and when Kylie went to get into the crate Cadie attacked her which made Max go for Cadie. Thankfully we were able to break it up with out me getting bit again.

IMAG0012Cadie looks so sweet and innocent. When she’s she sleeping.

So I’m thinking the piece of steak I gave Kylie in the crate today must still have a lingering smell. I take the rug under the crate and dump it for wash, I scrub the floor down and pull out the pillow. Low and behold as I pull the bedding out a small, stiff, little bird rolls around in the pillow.

That was the cause of the fight. and I’m sure what was driving Ka Mea to distraction at night.

IMG_0222Max to the risque

Cadie catches lizards and deposits them in the house, Kylie catches rats and this time a bird. I hate it. They kill the lizards that groom my garden, and leave me rat heads in the yard. But let a huge centipede climb into my closet they all run for the hills and leave me to sling the furniture all over the room with a scissors in my hand trying to kill it before it hides and attacks me at night.

Now to teach those darned dogs to make sure to protect the hand that feeds them the next time a centipede enters my house.



6 comments on “Dogs and their “Pets”

  1. Dan Brown says:

    I grew up in pre-statehood Honolulu. Less developed then with lots of centipedes and scorpions. I have wondered if you folks still encounter those creatures; apparently you still do.


    • My Son in Law was driving along and was attacked by a centipede. it bit him in the face as he couldn’t do anything but keep his hands on the wheel.

      yup. There as awful as ever. Thank you for stopping by.


  2. Sartenada says:

    Nice photos in Your lovely post. I have had two dogs in my life. The first one I had when I was child and I have a photo from it in my About-page.


    • I’ve had a dog in my life since I was a year old. I may have gone without a dog through my early adult life but I still managed to sneak one in to apartments whenever I could. I can’t live with them and for sure I can’t live without them. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. It seems you have an interesting time with all your dogs! I have only one, and he would try to kill a bird, but only in summer, and mainly when he was young. So now it is peaceful. Good luck for all of you, Karen, and may the dogs catch what you don’t need around! 😉


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