At the Waipahu Festival Marketplace

The smell assaults you as you enter. Jonah in the belly of the whale must have endured the same smell. But I breath in deep. Not because I like the smell but because I’ve been told the smell will dissipate much faster. And it does.

There are no Farris wheels, games or fast rides at this festival. But the foods, vegetables and fruits are not what you ordinarily see in the store. And if you are a fish lover, you have come to the right place. The Waipahu Festival Marketplace.

Dragon Fruit and Apple Bananas

Taro tops ( this is dry land taro, the corm is what they use to make poi with)

The heart of the banana ( this hangs from the bottom of the banana stalk) I don’t know how it is cooked but it is quite popular amongst the Filipino community

These guys speak for them selves. Also the culprits that punch you in the olfactory.

And what would a festival be without treats?

And there are many, many more offerings where these came from

Here is the information if you want to  know how to get to the Waipahu Festival Market Place

14 comments on “At the Waipahu Festival Marketplace

  1. Helen Dano says:

    Dear Karen,

    When I was young –about forty years ago– I would never have thought that I’d be saying this about Waipahu: how I miss it so! The food, the place (not the hot sun though!)

    Your photos were wonderful! as usual. I wished for the names of things; I forgot so many of them/never paid attention to them. One of the fish looked like mahimahi–yum but it does look so ugly and those beautiful striped ones and red ones, the latter I think was a snapper? But which one? Ah, lucky you live Hawaii . . .


    • You know your right. As I posted this particular blog it was done so quickly that I neglected to put the names of the fish. I am sorry. I only know the pink one is Manpachi and the large ones were Mahi Mahi. I don’t know what the striped one is. Maybe someone else does and can comment on it.

      As for the paintings at the Hilton I could not find names for the artist which I found perplexing. Maybe I was not looking good enough as I am always trying to take those photos on the fly when I am with my son. One of my goals is to go back to that hotel and take photos of all the art works there as they are quite, quite nice.

      thank you for your comments as it made me realize I do need to be a littler more careful while posting things. Nice to hear from you.


  2. Wonderful photos from this market, Karen. With the new camera?! This is a market I really could enjoy, and I did, with your photos. 🙂


  3. Sartenada says:

    Great. You presented some things which are unknown to me. You love Your photos; they are so bright and beautiful.

    In my newest post there is something from Honolulu.


  4. My trip to Hawaii was many years ago but I remember the thrill of being able to eat a huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, we had spent a week in LA and were well and truly over eating what passed for food there especially on our limited budget.


  5. Stunning! And I am hungry now!


  6. megtraveling says:

    That would be a fun place to get good things to eat! The pictures are great 🙂


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