Hula Oni ʻe

Once again two of  my grandchildren were competing in the Hula Oni e competition at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. These photos are really bad and it was at this competition where my Nikon camera gave out. But I wanted to share some of it with you even though they are not the best shots it still gives you an idea of what went on.

This was my grandsons first competition. That’s his blurry face in front. They brought the house down with their hula “The Boy from Laupahoehoe” If you would like to see a version of the dance even though casual I think it will give you an idea of why the audience loved it so much(

This is my grandson’s Kumu (or teacher) coming through the hall after their second performance. You can just see her halau (troop) behind her. She was ecstatic as the boys did so well with both performance even though they had not competed before.

This was their official photo. At the end of the competition they learned that they had taken first place both in the Kahiko (ancient hula) and Auana (modern hula.) I am not sure but I believe that their outfits for the Kahiko that they are wearing here reflect the historic time of King Kalakaua  whose reign was influenced by the missionaries, hence the well covered bodies.

Trying to catch the action and feel of the hula. It’s a bad photo and yet I was happy with the hair and skirts movements.

After trying to capture images inside I gave up and thought I would try for outside but these were truly snapshots without having time to focus. Though I was using my point and shoot they still came out blurred.

Even after all the excitement of the competition a mother is a mother

Waiting to perform in the auana

I saw these guys coming down the hall ready to perform. I kept shooting and hoping but again….

So as the sun sank slowly in the west I was able to take somewhat of a decent shot that day. Though it was not the competition, it made me thankful once again that I was lucky enough to live in Hawaii.

So as my son and I left the Hilton Hawaiian I tried one last time to take a photo but it just wasn’t to be. I am going to return with my Canon and this time get the picture straight.


10 comments on “Hula Oni ʻe

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  2. Helen Dano says:

    Dear Karen,

    What is the title of the painting of the hula dancers at the top of this blog entry? who painted it? and where is it? (my apologies if I read in haste, and you did have it in the blog.

    Thank you, Helen


  3. Blurry or not, your photos made me smile 🙂


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    • Thank you for the ping. I took a look at your post and enjoyed it very much as it gives you the background on the preparation that goes into the dance. One day I hope I’m able to take photos of the gathering of the plants and all the practice.

      One can look at the photos and see the beauty but not the sweat and tears. That is just as much a part of the hula as the dance itself.


  5. Sartenada says:

    Fantastic, so lovely! Of course Hula Hula is known in Finland and we have also made some Hula music. Great post Karen.


  6. Wonderful, Hula hula, thats I what I expect from Hawaii, but never have seen. Wonderful photos, Karen, and I bet they will be even better next time, with your new camera.


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