My old Nikon DSLR died. Not that it mattered. I was so frustrated trying to figure it out that I used  my Nikon Coolpix in its place for the last couple of years. But it was at the hula competition (Oh, I’ve forgotten to blog that!) that I once again tried to use the old Nikon.

After a flurry of under exposed, blurry and heartbreaking shots the camera gave up the ghost and sent me a message from beyond. Error!!! That meant I had to take it to the camera shop where I was told it would cost more to fix it then it would to buy a new camera.

After crying the blues and expressing how frustrated I was with the old Nikon anyway I thought I would just stick with the Coolpix.  But a part of me was weeping inside just knowing that no longer would I have that DSL sitting in my closet waiting. After all I thought there might be a time when I would end up in the hospital with a broken leg hoisted high and me with nothing to do but study that damned camera and finely get the hang of it.

After going on and on about the complexities of a DSLR as opposed to an SLR to the salesman he pointed out this Canon 60D. When he said it came with the 18 to 200 lens, he had my undivided attention. Then he said that this Canon Camera was much easier to use and that I would not have to worry about all the bells and whistles that made the Nikon so hard to use. Now he had me thinking, do I have my charge card with me?

OK. What a simpleton I was. He showed me how easy it was to use and that I only need put it on manual and all of the aperture, ISO, and speed settings would come back to me in no time. Hmm I’ve not found my memory getting better as my hair grows grayer but then he really was convincing as he pushed a button here and spun a dial there.

I Un-holsterd my charge card as quick as I could.He rang me up as quick as he could (hands rubbing together) I Skipped down the stairs from the store, (Actually walked carefully holding on to the railing but as quick as I could) hopped into my car and took a spin to my son’s house to show this wonderful, simple to use, can’t wait to take photos,Canon camera to him (he’s the only one that would be just as excited as me.)

As soon as I got there I realized this was the first time I had held the camera! I didn’t even know how to turn it on let alone use the monitor.  I started to hyperventilate as I saw myself stuffing it into the closet .My son calmed me down. He said “this is a toy mom. Take it one step at a time. Play with it until you have mastered that step and then move to the next.”

So today I took the first step. I watched the DVD that came with it. And after watching and re-winding  the first part of the DVD for two hours this is all I could figure out.

Looking out the living room window or where did the living room go?

Trying to experiment with Manual mode the only thing I could manage to figure out was the speed. How in the Sam hill was I supposed to do the aperture and ISO I still have not a clue. So I clicked on the DVD again and went on to the next lesson.

Aperture-Priority and depth of field. The tutorial said click on the AV setting and practice with subject up close.

So here are those results.

This is a photo of my poor garlic Chives. It is amazing that it even bloomed as Cadie, my boxer has made meals out of the whole hedge of them.

Looking up at my plumerias

Looking down at my plumerias

I could not get a very good close up before the whole thing started to blur. Do I need a micro lens? Nope not going to go there. But I did not feel that the background was blurred at all. Back to the old drawing board.

This hibiscus refused to co-operate to the point that it even turned its face from me as I tried to focus.

I got bored as I knew that I needed to test it where I would really need to blot out the background. But by the time I unlock the lens, setting, and camera I am sure I will have missed the shot. But don’t count me out. I’ve mastered my Facebook, Tumblr, twitter and my Mac (well not mastered but at least I can set them up now. )

Though it’s taken me two hours to get through the first 15 minutes of the DVD I shall return. I’m determined to get those shots of the hula as they were meant to be seen. Meanwhile my old faithful model sat and looked up at me smiling as only a boxer could.


Under exposed, over exposed she doesn’t mind. She is always there to make me feel better. She knows I’m the little train that could. I think I can, I think I can……



  1. Sartenada says:

    Congratulations on Your new camera. Your photos are great and so beautiful. I have yet old Nikon D300 from 2008 and it is very reliable and fast. When I put the power on, so it ready immediately to shoot photo. I especially enjoyed using in Egypt when travelling by bus alongside the Nile. When I something unusual I just shot photos in less than one second out of bus’ window and after it situation was history, but not to us.

    I am sure that Your camera will give to You many pleasant moments.

    One hint: Read the manual once every year. You’ll find every time something new. I read my manual after a new year.


    • My Old camera was a Nikon D70 it was about 8 years old when it died. The camera shop said that was about average for the camera. I was used to non digital DSL’s lasting forever but I guess they are now going to be like computers and have to be replaced right after you finish paying them off 🙂


  2. You create such wonderful posts Karen. They grab me instantly and hold my attention all the way through. Plus, the photos give me a feeling of being right there with you. That 60D is a great camera but so too, I suspect was your older point-and-shoot just with less features. Those features however DO take lots of time to learn and the truth is you only need to know a few to get started and get comfy with the camera. Take lots of breaks, take lots of breaths and don’t let it frustrate you because you are a delight to know and follow along with.


    • Rick, that is soooo great to read that. Thank you so much it really spears me on. Yes, I know I have a job ahead of me and I will apply myself and read all I can. I do love your blog also as it is very helpful. My arms are in and I’m holding my breath 🙂


  3. Fred says:

    Greetings from Pittsburgh!

    I am one of “those” readers who never leave a comment, but I enjoy visiting your blog. I just had to comment when I saw the use of “Sam Hill”. My mother says that when she has hit her limit (Mom doesn’t use bad words…) I often wonder who ol’ Sam is/was.

    Hang in there with new technology. You have what it takes to figure out the functionality in that camera. I am looking forward to all of the pictures you will be sharing with us in the future.


    • Thank you Fred. I loved reading your comment. You had me wondering about “sam hill” also. Of course I just love trivia, so I looked it up. I found this blog that quoted “popular with frontiersmen, especially when they needed to clean up their language in the presence of ladies.”

      Other sites said almost the same thing. It was a euphemism for swear words such as “hell.” Too funny that we connected in that way. I appreciate you taking the time to look in on me. Hope to hear from you again.


  4. megtraveling says:

    The pictures you took for this post look good! Have fun learning more about your camera 🙂


  5. Congratulations on the new camera, I can remember being extremely excited when I first bought my Nikon DSLR and I still love using it more than my point and shoot or iPhone. There is still much I have to learn but I have found some useful sites that have good tips and tutorials: and are two of my favourites.

    The best thing about digital is that you can play and play and it doesn’t matter how wrong you get it because you can look at the image information, work out where you went wrong with the settings and then delete the mistakes. It makes learning easier and is alot less expensive than getting them printed only to discover that they were all over exposed or blurry. My dogs have been great practice models for me too and all they ask in return is a cuddle or a treat 🙂


  6. Velta says:

    I know it is not your way, Karen, but I just set mine on Auto and click. I am not a techie.
    All I want are pictures. :o) Love you.


  7. Congratulations a lot, Karen, you will have a lot of adventures ahead to find out things, but I agree with your son; try & play. And you got a manual other than the dvd, to look things up? Take one thing at a time, and use the Auto in between or parallell pictures to see the difference. And don’t forget: have a nice time with this great camera! 🙂


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  9. Thank you, I sure hope I can get it all sorted out because it seems to be such a great piece of gear. You certainly have had some success with it as seen by your photos. Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Congrats with the Canon! I have one myself and am very happy with it!


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