Catch it While You Can. The Night Blooming Cereus

While dashing Nico off to school with 5 minutes before the bell was to ring, I had to stop. Making an executive decision, “Nico wait in the car while I take this photo.” I quickly pulled over, rummaged through my purse, while pulling out my camera I flicked it on to not waste a moment.

This gorgeous, huge white flower was in full bloom! It only blooms for 24 hours and then never seen again. It is the night-blooming Cereus or the Hylocereus undatus for those of you who read Latin and would like to be specific. So without further ado as the flower speaks for itself, here it is.


19 comments on “Catch it While You Can. The Night Blooming Cereus

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  2. […] Catch it While You Can. The Night Blooming Cereus ( […]


  3. What a gorgeous flower and I’m so glad that you were able to take the time to photograph it otherwise we would never have been able to experience its magnificence 🙂


  4. Wondxerful flower, Karen. It must have been a great joy beeing there.


  5. Lara Britt says:

    I love going out just after sunset close to the full moon. All of the folks walk around Punahou School…some with grandkids in tow. It reminds me of the Buddhist processions around the Chedis (Stupas) in Thailand. There is both a solemnity and a joy…but most of all a reverence. I also associate it with the Bon festivals here in Hawaii. The blooms seem to be gifts from the ancestors. One of the very few occasions to mark as a season.


  6. Helen Dano says:

    How grand, Karen! Your gorgeous photos remind me of Georgia O’Keefe’s painting of them. Where was it that you saw this plant? I read somewhere that Waipahu Elementary once was bordered by a stone wall and growing on it were these plants.


    • I took it in front of a house in Village Park. Punahou School also has them bordering along the lava wall. I always saw the cactus growing but never saw the flowers in bloom. Thank you for the nice compliment. Love, my cell camera and my Nikon point and shoot and my DSLR I would love the most if I could just figure out why all my photos are coming out so blurry .


  7. megtraveling says:

    You made a good decision to stop. What beautiful pictures of this flower!


  8. How fortunate you were able to capture this flower’s rare moment of glory!


  9. docrickets says:

    Isn’t nature amazing. What would we do without the simple things in life?


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