Take Sesame Street to Bishop Museum

Let there be light!

Not only is it sunny here in Hawaii but like they say on Sesame Street, “Sunny Days, chasing the clouds away….” and that is what being here on the most (IMHO) famous street in the world does for me.( Well I guess there is Number 10 Downing Street and 221 B Baker Street)

Sesame Street has come to Bishop Museum once again and it will be here until July 7th. The next Kodak moment with Elmo will be on May 27th. So if you want to walk down memory lane or make points with the little ones, drive on down, or as the case may be fly on over to Bishop Museum and knock on Oscar’s can, or pick up some groceries at Mr. Hooper’s store.  Stop in and say hello to me if you do. I’m in the main hall every Friday morning.

The first time Sesame street appeared at the museum I actually started crying I was so touched to actually see the set.

Knock on Oscar’s trash can or sit on the stoop of 123 Sesame street. You never know who may pass by.

I was taking a break when I walked in to the setting up of this exhibit and only had my phone with me. Sorry for the poor quality of photos, but you get the picture.

9 comments on “Take Sesame Street to Bishop Museum

  1. megtraveling says:

    What a wonderful experience this will be for everyone! And that’s great that you get to be part of it, too. I know I’d like to see any of the Sesame Street gang, including Oscar… 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Karen!


  2. Janice says:

    I do indeed get the picture. If I happen to be in Honolulu on any of the next few Friday mornings I will pop into the museum and say hello! I met Jim Henson once. I was going out with one of his artists in London and went to their Christmas party. He spoke exactly like Kermit!


    • Janice, are you here in the islands? I would so love to meet you. please let me know if you will be able to get to the museum. I love that comment that Jim Henson talked like Kermit. That is so funny


  3. Sartenada says:

    Very nice. The second photo is my favorite one from Your series.


  4. Wow! Lots of happy childhood memories there, I would probably get a bit teary too! Now I have the Sesame Street theme song stuck in my head 🙂


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