Haleiwa Hawaii Farmers Market Cacao Festival

People Brave the elements in the dead of winter to attend the Cacao Festival.

I headed out to Haleiwa  to visit the Farmers Market in search of Non GMO vegetables and to peruse what unusual crafts might be on sale. I was not disappointed.

Aren’t those beautiful avocados? I stopped at this booth looking for a plant to plant on my fence.


I looked through more plants asking myself why don’t my plants look like this? Of course I need to fertilize them and give them more soil but besides that why don’t they look like these. I didn’t find my plant I was looking for so I moved on to the next booth.


Proprietor Keven Easley (itzsoap@gmail.com) Gives a Shaka sign as he helps a woman make up her mind.

I  hadn’t had breakfast yet and when I saw this booth, I immediately thought of jello and fancy molds. There was Cinnamon and vanilla and many scents to wet my appetite. But I would have been blowing bubbles had I taken a bite. These were all types of soaps for all types of skins. You can just about smell how wonderful they are just by looking at the woman taking in one of the bars.

If you’re looking for a nice gift the soaps are wrapped and ready to go

In case you’re wondering the North Shore Pipeline is a surf spot not pipes being lain for oil.

Seaweed, the vegetable from the sea. Really love this in a salad

I was so tempted to buy this seaweed plate lunch it really looked good but I was saving my appetite to go out for Mexican food for lunch afterwords


Lets take an orchid break

Remember when we used to hope for one of these when you went on a date. Oh, I’m really, really dating myself.

Aren’t these just beautiful?

The Rambutan  is a very good fruit. For information on this strange-looking edible you can check out this site. http://www.rambutan.com/
And what is Hawaii without an Aloha Shirt
I’m not sure what these guys are but I thought they were very cute.
I just loved this sign. Unfortunately it was not for sale it just told people what they sold
Oh, I almost forgot! Yes, this was a Cacao Festival and here it is before it becomes Chocolate.
And here is what the nut looks like inside and one of the products made from Cacao

12 comments on “Haleiwa Hawaii Farmers Market Cacao Festival

  1. Janice says:

    What a gorgeous set of photos – and what a wonderful market! A particularly laid back tour guide on the bus to a luau taught us about the Shaka sign, and I have one as a fridge magnet. This market seems so in keeping with the old hang loose philosophy!


    • Janice, the market is located on my most favorite side of the island. Haleiwa is where all the surfers are and the town and remained historical as far as they can make it historical. They wouldn’t even let McDonald’s put up there famous arches and they had to build the store front to fit the rest of the old architecture. It’s not very big. About two blinks long. You most likely drove through it if you went to check out the big waves.

      I’m receiving your blog. thank you.


  2. Sartenada says:

    How wonderful. It was a great joy to see summer photos. We have cold here in Finland where I live, cold is -23 ºC / -9.4 ºF. I have seen Rambutans in TV, but in shops.

    Lovely set of photos. Thank You presenting them.


    • Well it’s nice to bring a little sunshine into ones life. It’s sort of cold here but our cold would be your summer heat. Would it make you feel a little better if I told you I have a cold? 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look. I enjoyed hearing from you.


  3. Aloha Karen,
    Your photos are incredible. You really showed the markets’ true colors. I was disappointed however that you didn’t eat breakfast or lunch with us. There is so much to choose from. Please be our guest for breakfast next time you come to the market.
    Pamela and Annie


    • What a pleasant surprise to see your comment. Thank you so much for the invitation. I will look forward to it. Maybe next time i will blog about all the incredible food you have there.


  4. Thanks for the very colorful tour of this festival. Will remember this event if we every get back there. Love chocolate, so great to see the cacao up close. Also, love the closeup of the soap packaged as presents. Great mix of colors there!


  5. ÇAĞATAY says:

    For the first time I see “rambutan” fruit.

    Aloha Shirts spectacular.

    Good festivals …


  6. megtraveling says:

    Fantastic! The photos are really beautiful…


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