Increase Brain Power By Playing Tourist

I thought that this blog written by my friend Karen Gibson would be appropriate here. Traveling isn’t all fun you know (though I would be hard put to say it isn’t) it can also strengthen your brain. Now who of thought?  Though she speaks of Hawaii, it could be anywhere you live. So if your brain is in need of a tune up maybe it’s time for a look around your town.
A 1-1/2 mile hike to Maunawili Falls can provide much needed R & R for the brain.
Watching daredevils jump off Maunawili Falls can inspire your brain to get out of your comfort zone.
(photo by Karen Gibson)

How will playing tourist in Waikiki, visiting Pearl ridge or enjoying a local plate lunch help increase your mental potential? Locals in Hawaii do not realize what a rich environment Hawaii offers to the brain. There’s no need to travel to exotic places in order to offer your taste buds delectable dishes from Egypt, Thailand, Korea, etc. A brief visit to China Town will be a mini vacation if you have the right mindset.

Does this conversation sound familiar?

“I’m having a senior moment!” a 72-year-old mom exclaims with frustration. She can’t seem to find her glasses for the umpteenth time.

“Where did you last see them?” her daughter asks her, hoping to trigger her memory.

“If I knew that answer, I’d be wearing my glasses!” she replies, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Oh mom, I’m only trying to help,” her daughter says in the most encouraging tone to cover her frustration.

“You wait until you’re my age, then you’ll know how it feels when your memory goes,” as if every senior citizen is destined to lose their memory.

It is never too early or too late to improve the physiology of your brain, boosting its optimal intellectual and emotional heights. In other words, there are certain exercises we can practice on a regular basis to help our golden years be a positive experience. Some of the exercises sound simplistic, but engaging in them consistently will not only improve the function of your brain, it will create a happier and longer life.

Believe it or not, venturing out and playing tourist or just truly being in the present moment while observing visitors at Pearl Harbor, walking along Kailua Beach or even going on a hike to view the breathtaking Mauanwili Falls can provide stress relief. Making time for stress relief is one simple exercise we can all benefit from.

When was the last time you visited Pearl Harbor, saw a hula show or toured the International Market Place in Waikiki? If stress ages the brain, then wouldn’t it be worth it to take the time to explore your island? We all realize the importance of relieving stress. So, the next time you have some down time, why not pretend to be a tourist?

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