Airline Security Or We Should Have the Same Rights As Kids

12 28 09 Bearman Cartoon Airline Security

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I thought I would repeat my post on my old blog as it is still relevant  and I am still upset at what is happening to our rights. Since this is more of a travel blog I believe it bears repeating.
Kids seem to have more rights in their high school then I do when I travel. OK, I don’t want to beat this air travel thing into the ground but when I saw this letter to the editor in our Sunday Honolulu Advertiser I got all riled up again.A Kilauea, Kauai reader wrote to the editor about the changes to Chapter 19 concerning student rights to privacy. She stated that if they were to allow for searches in lockers, drug sniffing dogs etc. the students would have to surrender their dignity on demand.

My sentiments exactly as I’m standing in the middle of the airport having air blown up my dress. And believe me I’m no Marilyn Monroe. But surrender my dignity I had to or I would not have been able to fly home.

Drug sniffing dogs? I ask you , how many of us have been seated waiting to get on a plane when someone lets the dogs out and he is sniffing what ever you may have in or on you? My right to privacy? Out the door.

Then she goes on to say bad outcomes will present themselves if we… “indoctrinate our youth to accept personal space violation from figures of authority.” Have I been indoctrinated?

And last but not least, the statement that had me hitting the paper with the back of my hand and ranting to Max as he sat at my feet. “Unreasonable searches of students’ bodies and property undermines our country’s core civic values.”!!!

So when do kids in school who may have drugs in their lockers or guns or both deserve more privacy then I do when I am boarding a plane? They are not even subjected to body searches. Unlike me just because some old lady with a uniform doesn’t like the way I look and pulls me over. Is it because I am taking a flight and she’s at work? or she has to wear a mans uniform and I’m in a dress and she would like to see me look miserable rather than look like I’m going to enjoy a trip to Hawaii?

I thought after 9/11 our core civic values were done away with. I did not realize we had rights anymore. Well at least someone has rights, just not adults. I don’t fly free from harassment, someone listening to my phone calls or reading what I search on-line.

All I can say is, better watch out kids, your days are numbered. You’re an endangered species. Beware when you see some little squat woman speaking with an accent descend upon your locker. Don’t say a word or you may end up in detention and never go home again.

2 comments on “Airline Security Or We Should Have the Same Rights As Kids

  1. Sartenada says:

    We have been thinking many times with my wife, why she cannot take her needlework onboard to the flight. Is he more dangerous than the bodybuilder or karate enthusiast, who can instantly paralyze a person?

    So it must be according to officials, because she is more than 63 years old and loves handicrafts. When flying on intercontinental flights having flight times more than 13 hours, to her it is difficult just to sit and to do nothing with her hands.

    Okay, wise men decide from these things and we obey kindly without any “snarl”.


    • There are such things as needle holders that she can wear around her neck like a necklace. Many of my friends take theirs on board their flights and do their needlework with no problems. I got mine at my needle craft store.

      You know I never thought about the fact that some people on board these flight do have hands that can and might be registered as weapons. It just does not make sense.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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