Not So Exotic Hawaii or weeds can be pretty too.

What is the first flower you think of when you think of Hawaii? I bet many will say “orchids!” But as you drive throughout the island you will be hard fixed trying to find one. It’s not to say they don’t grow here I’ve seen them wild in the mountains but they are very, very small orchids.

As I drove Nico to school today, and I must say, it is always when we are running late, I came upon this site. Weeds!

I pass this patch every morning but this morning I was bound and determined not to pass it by without taking a photo.

It is the winter sunrise that hits this patch every year and turns these weeds into a beautiful orange that makes me think. You can find beauty no mater where you live and it does not have to be an exotic orchid to capture your attention.

So I pulled to the side of the road, checked my watch and praying time would stand still I whipped out my trusty camera and took the photo. Normally an eyesore growing in front of someone’s house, the winter sun breaths life into that patch and cheers me every morning as I rush to get Nico to class. And you know what? Time did stand still. I got him to school with minutes to spare.

Then as I headed North to pick up pills for the newest addition to my pack, our boxer, Caddie, I passed a wall of flowers that I have passed for many years.  Every time I passed it I would say, I’ll come back and photograph it. But then we moved and I had not seen the wall in years. But as I zoomed towards Mililani and the vet the wall called out to me.

OMG the wall is in bloom! But I could not stop as I had just minutes (as usual ) to get to the vets. The sun was hitting it perfect, the oranges were popping and it was right at its peak, covered with blooms. Don’t ask me what kind of flowers, that I’ve never known. But they are not exotic, there just common flowers I’m sure.

After leaving the vets I came upon it again. I stopped at the bus stop and while keeping an eye out for the bus I hopped out of the car and this time I would not pass up the opportunity to get the photo. And here it is close up.

And this is the wall at its full length.

So no matter where you live I am sure you have a little bit of Hawaii out there in a weed patch or wall that when the season and sun or just right they take your breath away. In fact if you have a photo of it send it in or to my email and I will share it with the rest of my readers. Just remember to stop and smell, no photograph the flowers, Hawaii can be anywhere.


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