Chasing the Hawaiian Sunrise

At 4:50 AM a huge bang on the floor above my room woke me and the four dogs. (Nico had been sleeping with his Bay Blades and dropped them as they rolled out of his hand.) I tried not to move. The dogs started to get up but saw I was not moving and stayed in their beds. I faked sleep for another 40 minutes as I didn’t want to start the day.

Finely I could not lay still any longer. I was not falling asleep and no matter how still I lie the dogs knew my eyes were open. How they know that is beyond me. Oh well, 5:30, I could accomplish a little more before having to zing off to take Nico to school.

Quickly dressing and washing up, I put in a load of wash, cleaned the kitchen, fed the dogs, straightened out the living room and then waited for Nico to come downstairs. As I heard his voice I got his Waffle I had frozen from a batch I had made earlier and popped it in the oven.

By the time I got him situated it was  7:AM. Just enough time to check my email I thought. I sat down with the smoothie I had made myself and turned on the computer. It was so nice to have that extra time.

Then I looked up and realized I had 5 minutes to get out of the house. Darn, I wanted to leave early so that I could get to my exercise class on time.

“Shut down the house” I called out to Nico. I did my trick with the cookies to get two of the dogs out to the yard, and quickly locked them out. Picked up my purse and shut windows and gave the other two indoor dogs their cookies as I flew out the door.

Nico and I started down the road in the little black car.

As I drove I chastised myself for always getting carried away in the morning and prayed there would be parking at school and that the bell would not ring before we got there.

Then I saw the sun coming up!


By the glow in the sky I knew it was going to be a beautiful sunrise and here I was running late. But I had to pull out my camera. Quickly I jumped out of the car and hoped nobody would pull up behind me.


As I drove down the road I could see all the colors changing. I quickly rolled down my window while Nico quizzed me from the back seat asking me what were the names of the families on “Modern Family.” I pulled over to the side of the road took another photo, trying to trace the sun as it rose in the sky.

Umm, “Jay, Gloria, and what is the boy’s name? I answered back to Nico, as I quickly started the car down the road again.

“OK” you have one wrong said Nico as we headed to the corner.

This was going to be too good to pass up. even though a car was behind me I had to quickly shoot from the window as traffic whizzed by.

“OK, grandma, what is Clair’s husbands name, and the kids? ” I drew a blank as I headed down the main road. “Darned if only I had left on time I would be able to take more photos of this sunrise.” Scolding myself, I looked down to the corner that overlooks Pearl Harbor the sun was gorgeous but unfortunately I had a line of traffic behind me too.

So I put my camera in my purse and headed to the parking lot, found a space and told myself to not worry. After all, I live in the land of rainbows, sunrises and sunsets. Like the proverbial street car “Their will always be another one coming along.

“Cameron, Lily,” and then drew another blank. ” You can’t be my grandma, you can’t even remember who you are,”  Nico called out from the back seat laughing at his joke. “Mitchel, Grandma, Mitchel!”

And so the day began.


6 comments on “Chasing the Hawaiian Sunrise

  1. Wow! Can we have a deal? You come to live in Belgium and I will go to Hawaii 🙂


  2. ÇAĞATAY says:

    Lucky you. Privilege to live in Hawaii. Like paradise …


    • I am so happy to hear from you. I needed to ask you something. I get a lot of comments in Turkish and my blog marks them as spam. The problem is since I can’t read Turkish I truly don’t know if they are. Word Press does not have a translator like Blogger and so I’m hoping that i’ve not offended anyone that might be coming from your blog by not acknowledging them. Would you be able to say something on your blog in case Somebody does say something?

      Also I read on your blog you were in the hospital but I could not understand why. I hope you are well and I enjoyed the blog on the ship



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