Squid, Fish and I, Oh My Or Fishing in Waikiki

With the ban on fishing lifted in Waikiki for one year, fishermen filled the beach from the Natatorium to the Diamond Head boundaries. This fisherman was camped on Kaimana beach since two AM. When I had spoken to him around 9:30 AM he had only caught a few fish. Other fishermen I had spoken to who had used poles also said the catch was either non-existent or very, very small.

Because of areas being over fished through the years, there is a moratorium that only allows fishing in this area every other year. But one fisherman complained that the prohibition is not enforced and that he has witnessed many immigrants coming down in the very early hours of the morning and fishing when they should not be doing it.

Of course proving this would be very hard. Especially if they were immigrants or not. But that is another issue that has come up quite a bit in the islands lately. I think the Melting Pot is boiling over. And I’m not going to go there.

So lets talk about what today definitely was. It was the first day of 2012. The weather was gorgeous. And I was on my favorite beach in Waikiki visiting my son and his girlfriend while they set up for a picnic.

I’m on the outside looking in at one of my favorite places to eat in Waikiki just because of where it is situated. It is called the Hau Tree Lanai.

This guy had a great day fishing. Well he wasn’t using a pole he speared his fish. That was also one of the complaints. Because so many divers were in the water the guys with the poles didn’t have a chance. I wonder if once the novelty wears off and not so many are trying to fish from the same pond both might have a chance at a good catch. I remember it being like that before.

This guy had a good day too. Of course he was a diver. You would need to dive for these. They are Squid. Hawaiians love to cook that up for special occasions and you can bet that he will be the hit of the celebrations he attends today.

I had a good day too. Though I did not catch these,  with much squirming on my part, I could not pass up the chance to pose with two of the squid. Yes, they were very slimy and I was very hesitant. While wringing my hands I just went for it.

So I think I can say I’ve started my new year at a place I love, with people I love and hey, I’ve even jumped out of the box. And so I’ve set my path in the way I want to go for the rest of the year. Full speed ahead. Happy New Year everyone!

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