Shiro’s Saimin, Friends and a Little Rain

Nico has been asking me to take him with his friend John Mark to do something since they are home for Christmas. Well I was sick one day, then had errands to do another and finely Nico caught me at my computer and said, “you promised to take me and John Mark somewhere.

What’s a grandma to do. So I went and picked up John Mark and his mom and the four of us happily talked in the car as we drove off to have some Saimin.



Shiro’s is well-known for their Saimin and I’d been wanting to eat some for a week. Both John Mark and Nico were only to happy to have a bowl of it too. Marites, John Mark’s mom had never eaten there so we all agreed it was a good choice.

I decided on the Wun Tun With Vegetables only because I was overwhelmed with all of the choices. There are over 60 choices or more. The two boys decided on pizza and chicken nuggets. Yeah, some saimin choice.

Behind these curtains are order went.

Social Networking at it’s best. I can’t belive with all the harping to see each other, the whole time we waited for our order to come to the table, this is how the two boys “Played and talked with each other.”

Half way through my Wun Ton I remembered to take a photo. It was very good. Nico ate his order and part of mine too. Darned kid, why didn’t he just order saimin to begin with.

We wanted to take the boys somewhere to play. It was the first time I realized that Hawaii is really an outdoors kind of place. Yes I know, Sun shine beaches etc. but it does not really hit home until it rains.

The Saimin was great because it was cold and rainy outside but where could we take the boys to play. The McDonald playgrounds were closed because of rain, the parks were flooded with water, there weren’t bowling balls small enough for them to throw and worst of all the kids movies had been shown and we would have had to wait several hours for the next showing.

So we let them look at some of the Game stop, toy stores and shops at the mall. Then we had to call it a day.

The main thing was, the two friends got together and will again for a party tomorrow night. I got to have the Won Ton Min I had been craving and Marites got to try a new restaurant. All in all it was a good day.

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