Here Comes Company. A Boxer joins the Pack

Ka Mea, the pit bull, fights for his place on the recliner with me, as a new dog has been added to our pack

This is Caddy our latest addition. She is my granddaughter’s dog but since my granddaughter is in transition right now Caddy will be staying with us. She is an Albino Boxer. She has managed to squeeze her way on to my recliner right next to Ka Mea. She not only works her way on to the recliner but she has managed to work her way into our hearts. She is the most precious animal and not much older than Ka Mea.

They have become bosom buddies and give each other a work out playing in and out of the house. I’ve never been around a boxer before and I must say I am so pleased at what a wonderful personality she has. She is also very smart, wonderful with Nico and loves each and every member of our household. She didn’t even bother Todd, the cat! Of course she is never left alone with Todd. After all she is still a dog.

Max has gone from this…..

To this

So how had Max our Polish Lowland Sheep dog taken this? Well since we cut all his hair off to help him out with the heat he has become a different dog and now plays so much more. With all his hair cut off Ka Mea no longer has anything to hold on to and Max can swirl and whirl around so fast now that he has become some mean competition on the playground.

But now we do absolutely have to close the doors on any other dogs who come to our doors. Of course I wish my granddaughter well in getting it together to once again take her dog home with her, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m in no hurry to let Caddy go. This is one visitor that is welcome to stay as long as she wants.


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