Finally, A Great Mexican Restaurant. Torito’s, in Kapahulu

Most mornings I stop At Starbucks with my friends and have a cup of coffee. Well, most mornings its coffee. Of course being the Christmas season I had the Eggnog Latte.

On this particular morning my daughter, grandson a I left Kunia and headed to town. You can see what distance we travel if you imagine us leaving the dark area and heading past Pearl Harbor, the water area in the middle of the photo, towards Diamond Head way off in the distance.

Having completed many errands, we stopped for lunch in Kapahulu. We went to a crowded strip mall called Market City. We decided to have lunch at a Mexican Restaurant there, called Torito’s.

I have lived in Hawaii now for 46 years and have only once found a Mexican restaurant that came anywhere close to my mom’s cooking. It was called Bueno Nalo and probably fit about 10 tables so there was always a line out the door.

Torito’s was tucked in between other nondescript businesses. My daughter had eaten there before and said that it was good. As luck would have it several other people thought so too. Upon entering there was one harried waiter who may have very well been the owner.

But he was pleasant and took our orders as quickly as he could. My daughter guessed, “Someone call in sick?”He laughed nervously and confirmed her statement. He managed, I thought, to get our drinks very quickly and then rushed off to other guest who kept arriving and took their order.

We ordered the luncheon special which was a large burrito, mine was stuffed with Chicken, cheese, beans and the best mole’ I had tasted in a long time. Along with it came the beans which were cooked perfectly. They did not have that half-cooked taste that I normally get at other Mexican food places. The rice was just what I had remembered my mom putting on our dinner table. There was a small  salad that also came with it.

I’m sorry that I didn’t get a photo of the food as I was so enjoying it I forgot all about my camera. But I did manage while waiting for the food to come, to take the photo of this wonderful mural that looked to have been air brushed on to the wall.

I plan to go back again as soon as I’m up to fighting traffic in to town. And if you happen to live here on Oahu, you might want to give it a try too.





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